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Lectures for reading / The Bodhisattvas-part 5

The Bodhisattvas-part 5
12.04.18 22:12

Автор:Dimitar Mangurov
 For the celebration of the Divine New Year on the 19th of August 1936, everyone was already back in Sofia, where the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno delivered the inspiring lecture called “To Give them Life”. It is beyond any doubt that the 7th Bodhisattva is the Master of Love and Wisdom, i.e. the Master of Truth! However, how is it possible that “there was more than a Golgotha” in what had actually happened?! - What exactly happened back then anyway?

As already mentioned before, the only being whose three bodies had been entirely penetrated and spiritualized by the Macrocosmic Christ Self was the Nathan Soul (Jesus of Nazareth). After the miracle of Pentecost, the Christ Impulse of the Self connected with the Self of each human being through the “vehicle” of the Holy Spirit and was waiting to be "discovered" by the human Soul in order for both of them to begin spiritualizing the human astral, etheric and physical bodies. However, this act of spiritualization (the act of turning matter back into pure Spirit) became readily available barely during the 20th century, and Steiner demonstrated it flawlessly. Ever since the Mystery of Golgotha, the mirrored images of the astral and the etheric bodies of Christ-Jesus, which were being preserved inside the spiritual world, have been continuously “imprinted” in the astral and the etheric bodies of certain spiritual pilgrims, thereby turning these people into real saints. These “imprints” were acting as “indirect substitutes” though! If any man, had ever felt a very deep respect for the Mystery of the Grail in his previous incarnations, or had at least intensively thought about the Mystery of Golgotha, then, with the onset of the Michaelian Age, it became possible for such a person to directly obtain within his own Self the reflection of the Christ Self that is preserved inside the supersensible bodies of Jesus. As a result of this change, Christianity started evolving towards “Christianity of the Christ Self”. In a way, it was the disciple “whom Jesus loved” (John 13:23, NKJV) who first got that “imprint” of the Christ Self within himself at the foot of the Golgotha Cross. Next, in the 10th century AD, the most eminent Bulgarian Bogomils also got in touch with the Power of the Christ Self. At a later stage, the Power of the Christ Self mightily penetrated the bodies of the reincarnated Apostle John (Christian Rosenkreutz) in the Bulgarian town of Arbanasi. Nonetheless, the true effect of the Christ Self “imprint” could be manifested only after the onset of Archangel (Archai) Michael’s Age in 1879 AD. Only after this suitable time has arrived, Steiner managed to accept the Christ Impulse of the Self in a state of full waking consciousness after having already individually paved the way for mankind to begin ascending towards the spiritual worlds by means of correctly utilizing the human thought process! The 7th Bodhisattva, without any doubt, has had the most profound connection with the Mystery of the Grail during all his descents on Earth ever since the Turnaround of Times, but the question is how that connection manifested in the 20th century, so that the Bodhisattva could say such a mysterious phrase about the significance of the event that took place in the year 1936? Did the Bodhisattva’s connection with the Mystery of the Grail manifest itself only through the attainment of the Christ Self “imprint” or was there something else in addition as well?

We have already mentioned about the Second Manichean Golgotha of the Christ from the end of the 19th century that took place in the nearest spiritual sphere surrounding the Earth. This 2nd Golgotha gave birth to the new Christ Spiritual Light that is now shining inside the human consciousness. However, we are also aware of the experiences of the modern-day anthroposophist Jesaiah Ben-Aharon, which prove the continuation of the Second Golgotha of Christ during the period between the years of 1933 and 1945. - In the year 1909, Steiner started talking about the Etheric Christ and about the fact that from the beginning of the 30’s of the 20th century, Christ would begin to become visible to certain people possessing new supersensible abilities. Over the next 2,500 years, these abilities would further develop themselves in the rest of mankind and shall turn into our own inborn faculties. However, these new supersensible faculties had to be mastered through the anthroposophical ideology because otherwise the way for the forces of evil would have been cleared. Unfortunately, since mankind turned out to be unprepared to master Anthroposophy well enough and to therefore accept the Third Revelation of the Christ, “the gates of hell” (Matthew 16:18, KJVA) opened on our planet and “the Beast that comes up from the Abyss“ (Revelation 11:7 NIV), showed himself. As a result of this alarming situation and total human despair, the pressing question about the nature and the future of mankind was “radiated” from the Earth up towards the spiritual world. Having my own occult experiences, I am able to confirm that such a question did indeed exist. Next, the Etheric Christ “heard” this question and driven by unparalleled compassion, He decided to forever bond Himself in a sacrificial  manner with the “Beast” in man and to henceforth transform evil into Good, but only if the human Self would allow Christ to do so! However, Christ needed a “bridge“ via which He could descend onto Earth. A small community of Michaelian human “Selves” resided in the spiritual world at that time and was observing with great anxiety the “orgy” of evil and the millions of its victims. This same community of “Michaelites” formulated and voiced the question that was coming from the Earth, and then, by being filled with moral power, the Michaelites opened their hearts to the flows of etherized blood coming from the victims of evil, linked up with the victims’ etherized blood and built an “etheric bridge” via which the Etheric Christ descended into the “maw” of the Beast. In this way, Christ not only gave birth to brand new powers to emerge within the human Self in order for mankind to cope with evil, but also enabled the Earth to be “born” as a new Sun inside the etheric Cosmos! Now then, what was the role of the Bodhisattva in this particular Mystery?

With their spiritual vision, the Michaelites were observing the descent of the Etheric Christ via the “etheric bridge” which they had created. However, someone had to function as Christ’s “physical bridge” in order to ensure access to the bodies of the earthly people. That “someone” was the Master Beinsa Douno (the 7th Bodhisattva). Before the First Golgotha, the Macrocosmic Self of Christ had descended and respectively transformed the astral, the etheric and the physical bodies of the Nathan Soul into Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Consequently, the Nathan Soul became the archetypal bearer of the Christ. Yet, during the Christ descent on Epiphany, the Nathan Soul was in a state of limited consciousness, since it was not fully present within the body of Jesus from Nazareth. In contrast, at the time of the Mystery of the year 1936, the Etheric Christ descended through the Self of the Bodhisattva, went through his astral body first, then through his etheric body and even reached the supersensible parts of his physical body, to bond in there – within the human willpower - with the evil nature of the earthly mankind! In this particular case, the Christ Consciousness living in the Nathan Soul descended from the “light ether” down into the “warmth ether”, which is the lowest possible level of descent for the Gods! It is important to note that the warmth ether had been in close connection with the human willpower and physical body ever since the Old Saturn. As a result of this deeper descent of the Etheric Christ, the Nathan Soul performed its 6th consecutive sacrifice! By becoming the bearer of Christ and a voluntary assistant in the accomplishment of Christ’s Sacrificial Act, Beinsa Douno became the archetype of the human being who would not only become a Christ bearer, but shall also sacrificially work and act within the earthly physical realm in full waking consciousness! The bodies of the 7th Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno didn’t become as much spiritualized as those of the Nathan Soul (Jesus of Nazareth) during the three years before the First Golgotha, but they were nevertheless sufficiently penetrated by Christ, so that, as a result of the Bodhisattva’s cooperation, a new Earthly-Human Sun was born inside the etheric (warmth) Cosmos! Moreover, new powers, which were unknown before this point, were born within the human willpower in order for mankind to successfully cope with the evil! To further clarify, let’s mention that the Earth started shining as the future astral Sun when the first drops of Christ’s physical blood fell on it during the First Golgotha, but the Mystery of the year 1936 caused the Earth to be “reborn” as a new etheric Sun thanks to not only the Michaelites acting from the supersensible world, but mostly because of the earthly sacrifice of the Bodhisattva! ”There was more than Golgotha in here“, i.e. there was something different from both the physical First Golgotha, as well as from the Second supersensible Golgotha! We could call the latter Christ Sacrifice “Macrocosmic” because it happened in the sphere surrounding the Earth, while the Mystery of the year 1936 was undoubtedly of “microcosmic” character due to the participation of the Bodhisattva as a being of human evolution. As such, he is especially important to the spiritual world because, through him, the Gods learn the secrets of the physical world. The beating and the consequent paralysis were the reflections of the “Beast from the abyss” that was already unleashed. On the other hand, the passage of the Christ through the willpower of the Master Beinsa Douno manifested itself in the writing of the phrase “Богъ е Любовъ” (God is Love), while, at the same time, the birth of the new etheric Sun revived the Bodhisattva’s etheric body. As a result of this revival, his physical paralysis "miraculously" disappeared.

Only now, in the light of the above-mentioned events, we could more confidently seek the answer to the question why the supersensible world warns that the Michaelian Grail formed by Anthroposophy is insufficient to successfully cope with the incarnated Antichrist. For clarification purposes, we would approach the topic in an unusual manner by means of visualizing the living Being of paneurhythmy (PanEuRhythmy). It is well known that paneurhythmy consists of three sets of distinct physical exercises: 1. “The 28 exercises”, 2. “The “Sun Rays” and 3. The “Pentagram”. Let’s now envision the Grail as a wine glass with its foot (base), stem and bowl, but instead of standing on its foot, the wine glass is turned upside down and is sitting on its bowl. The very first thing which every future Initiate of the Grail must do is to start filling the wine glass “bowl” with the substance of human Love resulting from the Wisdom that is newly born within the human Self. This human Love is not the Love towards our common Forefather (Father-God) from the Old Testament, and it is not the Love towards “your neighbor” (the Son) from the New Testament, but it is the Love towards the Truth (the Holy Spirit). Truth is “the highest manifestation of Love” and from now on, it would speak in categorical manner through the appropriate “human hosts”, who would possess mind clarity, heart purity and willpower strength, all of which will be gained through the personal efforts of the respective individuals. These individuals would be the true Christ followers on Earth who, within the Self, would give new birth and transform the ideas of the Love-Truth coming not only from the Wisdom of Anthroposophy and the spiritual impulse of the 7th Bodhisattva from the 20th century, but also from every new type of Wisdom that is attained through correct and verifiable personal occult experiences. The above mentioned Mystery of the year 1936 is not present in the “Foundation Stone” for an understandable reason – Steiner physically left the Earth in the year 1925. However, without the power of the Mystery from the year 1936, the substance of the human love within the bowl of the Grail turns out to be of “inadequate quality" in order to cope with that colossal evil, which the incarnated Antichrist would unleash. If the Foundation Stone had been completely sufficient, then Archai Michael would not have predicted through Rudolf Steiner the appearance of a new spiritual impulse on the verge of the 21st century as the only spiritual impulse that could save the spiritual life of mankind. “Saving the spiritual life” of mankind means saving all other forms of human life, including even our physical existence! That is why we claim that the voluntary Synthesis of Anthroposophy (Archangel Michael) and the spiritual impulse of Beinsa Douno (Christ) within the human Self can give birth to a qualitatively new kind of individual Love-Truth that is coming from the realm of the Holy Spirit! Such individual Love-Truths are at present almost completely unknown and incomprehensible for mankind and therefore remain hidden under the “inverted” wine glass bowl, which symbolizes the Grail. These human Love-Truths remain hidden from mankind because they are being formed within the human willpower where the above-mentioned “Etheric Warmth Christ” resides! Therefore, the people who form such a substance to fill their own “inverted” Grail would recognize similar Love-Truth substance formed in the Grail of other people. In this way, mankind would proceed towards the formation of Brotherhood of individuals “clothed in white robes". The power to spiritualize the astral body and to transform it into Light comes from the Holy Spirit, while the Power to transform the etheric body into a "white robe" and into Life comes from the Christ! The symbolical term "white robe" appears for the first time in the "Apocalypse" of John when the "Son of Man" (Revelation 1:13, NKJV) with "a sharp two-edged sword" "coming out of his mouth" (Revelation 1:16, NKJV) addressed the "the church in Sardis" (Revelation 3:1, NKJV) i.e. He addressed the humanity of the current 5th Cultural Age, which has "a reputation of being alive", but in fact it is "dead" (Revelation 3:1, NIV). "Yet you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes. They will walk with me, dressed in white, for they are worthy. The one who is victorious will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out the name of that person from the book of life, but will acknowledge that name before my Father and his angels" (Revelation 3:4-5, NIV). – These grand truths cannot be said any clearer! Thus, it follows that the one who overcomes his lower Self would obtain his eternal Name (the Spirit-Self) and would then become part of the Christ Brotherhood. Such people shall wear "white robes" (the Life-Spirit), and, finally, again as individuals, they would stand before the Father (the Spirit-Man), but only after they have been granted approval by the Christ.

The “white robes” are mentioned once more when addressing “the church in Laodicea” (Revelation 3:14, NIV), i.e. the mankind of the 7th Cultural Age, which would be “neither hot nor cold”, but “lukewarm” (Revelation 3-16, NIV). “I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire … and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness“ (Revelation 3:18, NIV). - In the distant future of the "War of All against All", man would be in dire need of Wisdom (“the gold”), but “refined” in the fire of the Christianized Self, so that it could turn into Love and transform evil (“the nakedness”) into Good.

The term “white robes” appears again in the “Age of the Seals” (the Sixth Human Root Race). "When he opened the fifth seal" John saw "under the altar the Souls of those who had been slain because of the Word of God and the testimony they had maintained" (Revelation 6:9, NIV). “They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been (Revelation 6:10-11, NIV).” Inside the Bible, the Father from the Holy Trinity is called “God”, the Word is called “Lord-God”, and the Holy Spirit is called “Lord”. In the above quote, the Souls of those who had been “slain” because of the Word (Christ-Son) ask the Holy Spirit when it would avenge them, since all the questions to the One Who gives the “white robes” (Christ-Son) must always first pass the "approval" of the Holy Spirit. When “the sixth seal” was opened, the retribution began, but the harm to “the land or the sea or the trees” was deferred so that the “seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God“ could be placed (Revelation 7:3, NIV). John heard that “the number of those who were sealed“ was 144,000, i.e. 12,000 each “from all the (12) tribes of Israel” (Revelation 7:4, NIV). Afterwards, he saw a great multitude “from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.  And they cried out in a loud voice: “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.” (Revelation 7:9-10, NIV). The ones clothed in “white robes” are “they which came out of great tribulation” (Revelation 7:14, KJVA). They “have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb“ (Revelation 7:14, KJVA), Who, by being their “Shepherd“, would lead them to God, so that God could “wipe away every tear from their eyes“ (Revelation 7:17, NIV). Thereafter, the “seventh seal“ was opened. Next, “there was silence in heaven for about half an hour“ (Revelation 8:1, NIV), and the “Age of the Trumpets” (the Seventh Root Race) began, accompanied by the pouring of the “seven bowls of God’s wrath“ (Revelation 16:1, NIV) and the completion of the physical evolution on Earth.

At this stage of human evolution, it is unlikely that we could give a more profound interpretation of these future events which would take place in approximately 15,000-20,000 years from now, but it becomes evident from the above-mentioned "apocalyptic" quotes that for certain spiritual pilgrims the dressing in new "white robes" starts from our present time by means of forming their personal Grail substance. When the human Self consciously implements the synthesis of the Spiritual Science (Michael) and the Impulse of the Bodhisattva (Christ), then the spiritual pilgrim actually performs the “metaphysical 28 exercises of the paneurhythmy”, creates his own Love-Truth substance that enters his Grail and starts dressing into the "white robe", while at the same time continuously tames the animalistic instincts within his astral body. Without the moral strength coming from the Word and the deeds of the Bodhisattva, the “anthroposophists” cannot conquer their lower Self (earthly ego). Similarly, without Anthroposophy, the so-called “disciples” of the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno would be deprived of the necessary “fuel” for the development of the Self, and only the mechanical performance of the 28 physical paneurhythmic exercises would not result into the actual dressing into “white robes”. In practice, the two Christian esoteric impulses of the 20th century still remain wide apart from each other even nowadays. - It seems that at least for the time being the destiny of mankind is in the hands of “a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes”. They would be the only ones who would be able to bond within their Grail (Self) their own microcosmic Love-Truth substance with the Macrocosmic Universal Love that has been passing through our world as a powerful Cosmic flow since the Turnaround of Times. Moreover, the conclusions and the end result from the Mystery of the year 1936 must be also present in this newly formed Grail “ambrosia”, which the Gods have been awaiting for so long, because the Mystery of 1936 is a natural part of the whole “Grail substance” since, only then, the Consciousness Soul really receives the Christ Impulse (the imprint of the Christ Self) within itself, and its corresponding transformation into an Imaginative Soul begins! In this process of transforming the Consciousness Soul into an Imaginative Soul, the role of the Bodhisattvas is irreplaceable! – So, why is that then?

Anthroposophy says that the formation of our human sensory organs, nervous system and brain is the result of mankind’s inner retention of certain spiritual power flows, and also that these same spiritual power flows have their origin respectively in the astral world, the Lower Devachan and the Upper Devachan. This particular "retentive" ability is a natural gift bestowed upon us by the Gods, and mankind has not contributed to it in any way. On the other hand, the process of individually gaining access to the living imaginations within our Consciousness Soul is a purely personal effort which became possible barely with the onset of the Michaelian Age when the Power of Imagination entered our intellectual consciousness. It is important to mention that this Imaginative Spiritual Power descends exactly from the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas! The Imaginative Spiritual Power has to be "retained", i.e. it should be comprehended and applied by the Consciousness Soul. This act of “retention” would lead to the formation of a "Grail Chalice" within the Consciousness Soul, and it will be used for the collection of the combined flow of Macrocosmic Universal Love and human microcosmic Love, which would be both flowing through the human Self. Only afterwards, the Christ Power that is born out of the Mystery of Golgotha raises the human “Imaginative Grail Chalice” of "ambrosia" up towards the Gods and imprints its microcosmic imaginative contents inside the Universal Cosmic Imaginations, whereby the contents of the individual human “Imaginative Grail Chalice” becomes part of the overall Universal Cosmic Content! Next, the elusive and mysterious Palladium descends from the Lodge of Bodhisattvas all the way down to the human Consciousness Soul, so that the Consciousness Soul could understand and experience the "ambrosia" within itself as a true Spiritual Sun! In figurative terms, the return of the Palladium is the necessary indication that the Self is effectively “performing” the paneurhythmic “Sun Rays” exercise. When Beinsa Douno was performing the "Sun Rays" paneurhythmic exercises down on Earth, the entire Lodge of the Bodhisattvas was sending the imaginations of the Macrocosmic Christ Self as the principle of Love, in which all the beings from God's Creation now live ever since the Mystery of Golgotha. Furthermore, thanks to the music, songs and dancing, the effect of that Love on the etheric bodies of the paneurhythmy participants was magnetizing. This Love though had to be not just felt, but also understood with the help of the human mind! - To illustrate, a conversation that was held in the Rila Mountain between the young disciple Dimo Daskalov and the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno is especially indicative of this urgent need. To the question: "Master, why do your disciples consider you to be the Christ? “, the Bodhisattva replied: "If you had been in their shoes, you would have thought the same thing!" To sum it up, the Souls possessing a “platonic” mindset, who were gathered around the Bodhisattva, were seeking the "Cosmic experience" of the “Sun Rays” through the Pan-Eu-Rhythmy (Divine Cosmic Rhythm), while “the Aristotelian" Dimo Daskalov wanted to understand the actual intrinsic nature of the “Sun Rays” exercise. Despite his predominantly mental approach towards Christ, until the end of his life, “the Aristotelian” Dimo Daskalov didn’t have Steiner’s portrait in the room where he translated anthroposophical works and paved the way for Anthroposophy in Bulgaria, but he had the portrait of the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno instead. It is hard for us to guess what Dimo Daskalov’s Soul may have experienced whilst synthesizing the two Christian esoteric impulses of the 20th century, but this Synthesis could truly manifest itself for the very first time in the year 2000, only after the actual identity of the Bodhisattva was revealed to us. As a result, it became possible for mankind to start forming the renewed human Grail, and Archangel Michael’s prophecy regarding the appearance of a new spiritual impulse at the end of the 20th century was fulfilled as well. We claim that the new spiritual impulse of the Synthesis between the two Christian esoteric flows of the 20th century was effectively “emitted” by the end of the year 2007 because the first 28 lectures on the subject of the Synthesis demonstrated in practice how to successfully form the human part of the "ambrosia" substance inside the revived Grail of every person. These initial 28 written lectures always drew their inspirations from the Male-Female Principle of Wisdom (Anthroposophy) and Love (Bodhisattva) and are very much reminiscent of the 28 physical paneurhythmic exercises, which are always played in a couple consisting of a male and a female. It is important to mention that unless the Synthesis is practiced, it remains incomprehensible to the people who refuse to apply it. To make an analogy with the second and third set of the physical paneurhythmic exercises, we need to say that in order to be able to perform the "Sun Rays" as the second paneurhythmic set of exercises in both real life and as a paneurhythmic dance, a real Brotherhood centered on Christ is absolutely mandatory. Moreover, the final third paneurhythmic exercise called "Pentagram" is the culmination of the entire process that is ultimately completed by the personal transformative sacrifice as demonstrated by the example of the Bodhisattva in the year 1936. That is the moment when the downwards-facing “Grail Chalice” is inverted to “correctly” face towards the Heavens with its open bowl, the "Pentagram" (the personal transformative sacrifice in Christ) becomes the foot of the glass, and the "ambrosia" contained in the “bowl” becomes visible to all people after it has been embraced by the “Heavenly Light Sheath”. The “Heavenly Light Sheath” represents the redeemed Cosmic Intelligence in which the human and the universal thoughts function in such inseparable unity that Archai Michael can easily act within it. We need to emphasize that the redemption of the Cosmic Intelligence has become possible as a consequence of the fulfillment of the explicit condition, which was set by Archai Michael himself, that Anthroposophy must "unite with other spiritual flows" (GA 237, Lecture 7, 28 July 1924, Dornach). This spiritual flow is undoubtedly the impulse of the Bodhisattvas, which gave us the dance of paneurhythmy in the 20th century in order for it to serve as an imaginative representation of the new human Grail!

And here we could describe a specific imagination of ours as to illustrate the difference between the Steiner’s Foundation Stone and the Bodhisattva’s Paneurhythmy. In one of his books, Bernard Lievegoed lists four different Mystery impulses that are flowing into the Christmas Assembly and form a sort of a horizontal earthly cross: 1. Archai Michael's spiritual flow coming from the North; 2. The Rosicrucian flow coming from the South; 3. The Arthurian flow coming from the West; 4. The flow of the Grail coming from the East. - It was those spiritual flows that formed the Stone of Love and “planted” it within the Souls of the anthroposophists. However, this Stone needs to become one with “Truth”! If we imagine that we are directing 4 sloping lines out of the 4 points of the cross up towards the Heavens, then a pyramid would be formed. The peak of the pyramid is located in the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas, and inside the pyramid we would recognize the image of a human head that constitutes the redeemed Cosmic Intelligence. Without the participation of the Bodhisattvas, Archai Michael would not be able to acquire back from the earthly man the redeemed Cosmic Intelligence! 

This is where the path of the spiritual disciple ends and the path of the Grail Initiate starts. The first one who manages to turn upside down their inverted Grail Chalice would become the new Grail Guardian. He will be a “Bulgarian” (to be interpreted as the title for “Man of Spirit”)! Afterwards, others would also manage to do it in order to become part of the “few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes” (Revelation 3:4, NIV) and they will be able to rise against the Antichrist in the forthcoming Great Battle on Earth. They would be the ones whom the Gods would rely on, while the rest of mankind would be "seduced" by the illusions of evil in varying degrees. This prospect, however, seems tragic only on the outside because the "Masters of Wisdom and of Harmony of Feelings" would join the "few people in Sardis". Manes, Scythian, Zarathustra (Jesus), Christian Rosenkreutz and all the other Masters represent a major force to be reckoned with! And what can we say about the Bodhisattva, who, after his sacrifice in 1936 has now obtained a different "status" in the spiritual world that gives him the right to participate directly even in the deeds of the Heavenly Sophia?! He is of course on our side in this battle as well!

Throughout his stay in Bulgaria during the 20th century, he revealed to us that once a year Councils are held in "the Himalayas" and on "the Sun" without clarifying which spiritual Beings take part in them. Today, we can openly state that "the Himalayas" represent the Etheric Shamballa, which is the Earth-Human Sun, and this Sun is "situated" in the etheric world nearest to Earth. The Council in there is held during the period between the 19th and the 21st of August. The other Council on “the Sun” is held on Pentecost in the “Mother Lodge” “situated” in the Lower Devachan. However, there is one more third Council and it is held in the Upper Devachan (the highest sphere of the Heavenly Sophia) at the time of the Easter festival. This third Council is the one which takes the major decisions concerning the destiny of our Solar System and the Earth as well; those decisions are then passed on to the other two Councils for implementation. Only the most advanced Beings of “star genesis” participate in this third highest Council. Such Beings are the higher members of the Heavenly Sophia and include the Spirits of Wisdom (from the realm of “Virgo”), the Spirits of Motion (from the realm of “Libra”) as well as the Gods from the First Hierarchy. The Elohim and the advanced Beings from the lower ranks have a “planetary genesis” and they "meet“ on Pentecost within the "Mother Lodge", which represents mankind’s leadership and controls Sophia’s functioning during the entire Earthly evolution. The leader of the “Mother Lodge” is the superhuman avatar Manu (Noah), who, as a Dhyani Buddha, led the transition from the Atlantean to the post-Atlantean Root Race. Finally, the Etheric Shamballa Council, which is held in August, is the event where the Masters of human evolution take part.

We know that the Buddhas work on transforming their etheric bodies into Life-Spirit, while the Dhyani Buddhas are one level higher and are in the process of transmuting their physical bodies into Spirit-Man. - So, which is the exact Council that is attended by the Bodhisattvas who work on the transformation of their astral body into Spirit-Self? In his book "The Twelve Holy Nights and the Spiritual Hierarchies", Sergei O. Prokofieff asserts that the Bodhisattvas cannot enter the "temple" called the "Mother Lodge", since only the Buddhas may enter its Sanctum which is led by the Dhyani Buddha himself. However, ten years ago on the day of the astrological Pentecost, while I was presenting the lecture "The Risk of God" in the vicinity of the "Madara Horseman", a woman had a vivid imagination that at the same time a Council was being held on "the Sun" in which Beings with "wings" participated, and the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno was also present and “clothed in a white robe”. The same woman also received a confirmation on the veracity of this specific imagination in the form of an intensely felt intuition experiencing the fact that Beinsa Douno was acting among the advanced Beings as a leader. After the Mystery of 1936, when the Bodhisattva was penetrated by the Etheric Christ all the way down to his physical body, he earned the right to act from within the "Mother-Lodge" just like the avatar Manu does, and this privilege was granted long before the 7th Bodhisattva could ascend to the rank of a "Buddha", which shall happen in about 2,500 years from now. Well, here is an example of the huge evolutionary leap that results from the physical encounter with the Macrocosmic Power of the Christ Self! As mentioned above, the Bodhisattvas are beings of human evolution. In pre-Christian times, the human beings were evolving entirely within the realm of planetary evolution and the maximum level the earthly Initiates could achieve was the rank of a "Buddha", which allowed them to consciously experience the realm of the Libra where the planetary sphere ends and the kingdom of the stars begins. Therefore, when the Bodhisattvas were linking up with their human “host bodies”, they were receiving inspirations from the members of the Heavenly Sophia reaching up to the Spirits of Motion only. Only superhuman beings like Manu were able to consciously rise to the higher realm of the Heavenly Sophia in the zodiac sign of Virgo, where the spiritual marriage between the Bride (Sophia) and the Lamb (the Cosmic Christ) takes place. After the Mystery of Golgotha and especially from now on after it became possible for mankind to consciously bond with the Christ Impulse inside the Earth realm, the path towards achieving the rank of the superhuman Manu has been cleared for some people. In this respect, the work of acquiring conscious attitude towards the Christ Resurrection Body (the Phantom of the physical body), which had risen from the grave three days after crucifixion, is of utmost importance because ever since the Turnaround of Times, the Phantom has been active within the spiritual substances of the Earth by means of liaising with the powers related to the highest spiritual sheath of the human being – the Spirit-Man. Through the direct experiencing and “saturation” with the Macrocosmic Impulse of the Christ Self, the Bodhisattva of the 20th century became not only the archetype for the attainment of a fast track evolution towards the Spirit-Man and gained the right to act as a Dhyani Buddha (Manu), but he also gave a powerful impetus to the process of "resurrecting" the "hijacked" Heavenly Sophia as well as enabled her future union with the First Hierarchy of Gods. The Heavenly Sophia expects this union with great hope in the very same way mankind places its hope in the Third Hierarchy of Gods where its higher spiritual sheaths (bodies) reside. Logically, the current Bodhisattva would not be the “new human Manu”, who, after the end of the 7th Cultural Age, would lead mankind’s transition towards the Sixth Root Race because after his transformation into Maitreya Buddha, he would no longer descend to Earth. Which human being would accomplish this future deed of utmost importance is yet way too early to say. The important thing is to look with understanding at the deeds of the Bodhisattva and to emulate them because in fact they are Christ deeds!

An example of such a deed is the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews during World War II. This happened in the year 1943. Lots of pages have been written about this event, but the Truth was revealed to us in an occult way barely in the year 2013 when the 70th anniversary of that outstanding act of compassion was being commemorated. Some people, who are relatively familiar with the subject of the actual rescue events, know very well that it was neither the Bulgarian church, nor some members of parliament, nor the Bulgarian tsar who saved the descendants of that nation that crucified the Savior nearly 2,000 years ago, but it was the Master Beinsa Douno, who, through his disciple Lubomir Lulchev acting as an advisor to the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III, managed to convince the Tsar to annul the deportation order, which would have inevitably taken the Bulgarian Jews straight to the burial grounds of the Third Reich. Although many people know this unofficial but truthful version of the events, this exact version of the rescue is only the external reason for the consequent rescue of the Bulgarian Jews, while the Bodhisattva’s inner motive for this act remained unknown until the year 2013.

Being Christ’s main representative on Earth, the Bodhisattva realized that the Jews had made a huge sacrifice and had taken upon themselves the burden of a terrible karma by crucifying the Word. Therefore, mankind was indebted to the Jewish nation. The only way for the Jews to repent of the sin they had committed was to recognize the manifestation of Christ’s Love among the “non-Jews”. Those “non-Jews” were the Bulgarians. Through the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno and through the Bulgarian nation, Christ demonstrated to the rest of humanity the prototype of the future compassionate, loving and understanding mankind which will radiate such powerful Love towards the Jewish nation that the Jews would repent and accept the Savior with all their Soul. In the year 1943, it was only the Master Beinsa Douno who consciously understood this important reason for the necessary salvation of the Bulgarian Jews. In the case of all the other human participants in this rescue Mystery, Christ was acting within the subconscious impulses of their will, where he had been present ever since the year 1936. Nonetheless, it was the Bulgarian nation that once again became the original prototype for the creation of the future earthly mankind.

Unfortunately, the external (political, economic etc.) leaders of the Bulgarian people did not hear the Elohim warnings from the year 1898 and did not recognize the Light of Bodhisattva, and, as a result, the sub-earthly "whip in the hands of God" – the Bolshevism - went into full swing in our country. This communist "whip" was wielded for 45 years. Moreover, the 5-century-long spiritual darkness during the Ottoman slavery and the subsequent invasion of ultra-materialism after the year 1989 in the disguised form of "Western democracy" undoubtedly had a devastating impact on both the mentality and Soul of the Bulgarian nation, which is the first nation “chosen” by God. Nonetheless, the Bulgarian nation still managed to fulfil its current world-historical mission! The occult science teaches that either powerful spiritual impulses are emitted every time when someone synthesizes different truthful mystical teachings, or that such a spiritual synthesis is a sign of upcoming hardships for mankind, or that the former and the latter could happen simultaneously when such a synthesis is done. Correspondingly, the Synthesis between Anthroposophy and the Word of the Bodhisattva that was emitted in the beginning of the 21st century is a sign of both strong underlying spiritual impulses and the upcoming tribulations for mankind! The initiated Bogomils, led by the incarnated Boyan the Magus, are now again living in Bulgaria in order to steer the human evolution in the right direction. Whether they would be understood and followed, depends on the maturity of mankind.

Today (back in the year 2014), 1150 years after the "conversation" between the Elohim and Tsar Boris I, the "Christ nation" and the "Slavdom" are two independent formations that already exist inside the physical realm. The Germanic alliance of nations is also a fact, but both the "alliance of the Word" (Slavdom) and the Germanic alliance do not know the way out of the inevitable future dead end. It is only the “new Bulgarian heresy” (the Synthesis of Anthroposophy and the Word of the 7th Bodhisattva) that can show them the way out. Before that, however, everyone needs to conquer to a sufficient extent first the personal selfishness within the astral body, then the far more difficult to overcome nationalism within the etheric body, and finally, the racism within the physical body. Many so-called “spiritual” people believe that the overcoming of nationalism and racism is not that difficult at all. Such people certainly do not have a true experience of the bond with the Archangel of their nation, and without this bond, the transition towards Archai Michael and towards the actual overcoming of racism becomes impossible. The truth about the significance of the Bulgarian nation in the course of the human evolution would astonish both the "Slavdom" and the "Germanhood" as well as all the other nations which undeservedly ascribe to themselves past historical triumphs at the expense of the nation that was first chosen by God in order for it act as an instrument for mankind’s evolution of the Self. With spiritual certainty, we claim that any falsification of the Truth about the Bulgarians constitutes an act of “theomachy”, which results in accumulation of serious personal and national karma. That is why some "great" theomachists from the past are now incarnated among the inhabitants of the "earthly paradise" between the Danube River and the Rhodope Mountains (modern day Bulgaria). However, the Bulgarian nation would have to fulfill much more from the above-mentioned Divine Plan dated to around 5,500 years ago. In the next approximately 1,500 years, the Bulgarians are obliged to keep on “hauling” mankind behind themselves all the way to the beginning of the 6th Slavic Cultural Age – yes, “hauling” is the correct word indeed. Only after these 1500 years have elapsed to make up the total of roughly 7,000 years after the launch of the original Divine Plan, the grand scheme for the formation of the Self and for the creation and subsequent dissolution of nations should be fully completed by mankind.  The "Christ nation" actually consists of those people who must develop their own human-Divine substance of the Grail (Self) as the cultural building block of the future true esoteric Christianity. The 6th Cultural Age is the era when there would be no nations, but races only – the race of "the Good" and the race of "the evil". - This new era can be entered only after the true esoteric Christianity has been developed by the “Christ nation” (European Eastern Slavs). Afterwards, the 7th Bodhisattva would become the "Buddha of the Good" thanks to the magical transformation of evil that he would be performing within his own Self, and he would demonstrate through his Word the true Power of the Budhi Principle, which would enable him to “speak out” (give birth to) the new "fire" humans (Agnishvatas). Today's incarnated man is the spoken Word of the Gods, while during the "Age of Aquarius" the flesh would become Word and the Word would literally “speak out” newly born humans out of those very same people who had accomplished the great transition towards the 10th Hierarchy of Freedom and Love through their own individual efforts! The Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno states that the word “Bulgarian” means "Man of the Spirit". The future Gods of the 10th Hierarchy of Freedom and Love would be immortal humans created by the Spirit from those “Men of the Spirit” who would successfully complete their individual evolution of the Self!

Are there any candidates for being “Bulgarian” and “Man of Spirit” today?

Dimitar Mangurov                                                    Varna, 26.01.2014
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