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Lectures for reading / The Bodhisattvas-part 4

The Bodhisattvas-part 4
12.04.18 22:09

Автор:Dimitar Mangurov
 However, in order to form a nation, in addition the common spoken language, common written language is required as well. The Elohim ordered Tsar Boris I to welcome the brothers Cyril and Methodius because of the new alphabet they brought along. Cyril's mission was to conceive the alphabet and Methodius’s task was to spread the Word of Christ (the New Testament) written in this new alphabet. Initially, the spreading of the New Testament was done with the help of the Glagolitic alphabet, and only later on it was being spread among the Slavic nations in the new Cyrillic alphabet. Both alphabets were devised on the basis of ancient scripts, but the Cyrillic alphabet in particular had much in common with the alphabet of Ulfilas that had been devised five centuries earlier in order for it to be used by the Bulgarians. Ulfilas had translated both the Old and the New Testaments in the Cyrillic alphabet, and the former was missing four of the “Kings“ chapters (The two Books of Samuel and two Books of Kings) because allegedly numerous military campaigns were described in those four books and that “would have badly affected the Bulgarians”, despite their militant nature and long track record of colonizations?!? – Well, such was the claim anyway! However, it is very likely that Constantine-Cyril and Methodius translated only the New Testament in the Glagolitic script, and as for the Old Testament they used Ulfilas’ translation simply because they didn’t have enough time. The Glagolitic alphabet, and especially its Angular version, had been used for several centuries by the Croatians; Latin became the standard writing language of the Central European Slavs, while the Cyrillic alphabet is being used even up to this day by the Bulgarians, by the “Christ nation” and by some other non-Slavic nations. The massive spiritual potential of the symbols of the Glagolitic alphabet proved to be inappropriate for the mankind that was already losing its connection with the Gods and the Glagolitic alphabet remained to be used sometime in future when the necessary conditions are present.  

In addition to their new Cyrillic alphabet, the “Christ nation” and all the other Slavic nations had to also receive their religion from the Bulgarians. In the 9th century AD, Bulgaria was situated between the two big European conglomerate states - the Eastern Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. In 864 AD, Tsar Boris I converted to Christianity, and those Bulgarians who were still pagans did follow him and converted as well. Maneuvering between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, he managed to establish the autocephaly of the Bulgarian church, in which the traditions remained largely esoteric, unlike the exoteric Christianity that reigned in the two parts of the Roman Empire. The Bulgarians revealed this esoteric Christianity to the “Christ Nation” and it was working inside some of its representatives all the way up to Tolstoy, despite the damage caused by Peter I and Catherine II. An interesting fact from the 10th century was that Volga Bulgaria offered to the “Christ Nation” to convert to the mystical Sufi Islam, but this, of course, did not happen, as it contradicted Christ's Plan. The first Metropolitans (Archbishops) of Kiev were Bulgarians, the first Russian saint – Olga of Kiev, was a Bulgarian, the first Russian Christian martyrs – Gleb and Roman (Boris) - were Bulgarians as well. For centuries, the whole Russian literature was just a combination of records copying the Bulgarian Middle Age literature. These so-called “authentic Russian” chronicles were later on falsified in order to serve the purposes of Pan-Slavism, which was increasingly gathering speed. Even Rurik – the founder of the Russian statehood was not a “Norman”, as it is officially suggested, but a Bulgarian from the Dulo clan. To summarize, we can say that the formation of the “Christ nation” took place entirely under the influence of the Bulgarians. As for the expansion of the “alliance of the Word” (Slavdom) towards the West, Tsar Boris I collided with the antagonism of Catholicism and the Latin language. Nevertheless, something else was going to be offered to the opponents of Slavdom a few decades later. 

The process of Christianization inevitably caused resistance among the supporters of Paganism in Bulgaria who were led by the son of Tsar Boris I – Vladimir-Rasate (Vladimir of Bulgaria). Then, an almost supersensible miracle happened – a miracle which the Western world talked about for centuries. Having total Faith in the support of the Spiritual world, Boris raised the “sword of the Self” against Paganism and the blood kinship. He executed fifty two Bulgarian boyars together with their firstborn sons, but not their entire families, then blinded his own son Vladimir-Rasate, and placed his younger son Simeon - known as “Simeon I the Great” - on the Bulgarian throne in order for him to continue the Christianization that was started by his father. With this sacrificial act, Tsar Boris I took upon himself great personal karma, but he also sealed his unconditional Faith in the Will of the Christ, which demanded something else too, and namely, for a period of exactly 1,000 years, starting from the year 864 AD, the Bulgarian nation had to cultivate the earthly body for the incarnation of the Bodhisattva in the 20th century when the Bodhisattva accomplished a great feat himself! The Bulgarian nation fulfilled its mission with the birth of Peter Deunoff in the year 1864, within whom the Bodhisattva incarnated thirty-three years later, and a year after that the Bodhisattva was visited by the same Sun Elohim, which appeared to Tsar Boris I, in order to announce to him the future Etheric Coming of the Christ. The Elohim's appraisal of Tsar Boris I, expressed in the recorded revelation called “An Appeal to My People – Bulgarian Sons of the Slavic Family”, is that Boris I is the “father of the Slavonic family” and that “there has not been a more humble and pure-hearted ruler born in the family of Slavs. Boris I fulfilled his promise with unshakable faith like Abraham who did not spare his son, but presented him as a living sacrifice to God“. The Elohim himself confirmed that the Bulgarians, being represented by Tsar Boris I, were the founders of the Slavdom and, in particular, also the forefathers of the “Christ nation”. To clarify, everything that was done by the Bulgarians was made possible because Tsar Boris I accepted the Will of the Christ within his Sentient Soul and accomplished his great feat by experiencing the Self within his Sentient Soul (Christ Will). The Sentient Soul, as we have pointed out a few times already, is the place occupied by the powers connecting us directly with the spiritual world. Despite the obvious analogy between Abraham, who is the physical forefather of the God's Chosen ancient Jewish people and Boris I, who is the spiritual forefather of the God's Chosen “alliance of the Word” (Slavdom), we do not know yet if Tsar Boris I was the reincarnated Abraham, but it is out of doubt that he had experienced the Mystery of the Grail just like Titurel did within his Sentient Soul. Titurel, though, laid the foundations of the secret spiritual flow of the Guardians of the Grail, while Boris I turned into the father of the spiritual flow of people who carry the Grail within their Souls and manifest it in the outside world through their physical deeds. Tsar Boris I became the first “sunbeam” of the forthcoming Bogomilism, which was about to be introduced by his own grandson - Boyan the Magus. Therefore, in this way, the transition from “Parsifal” (Consciousness Soul) towards the “kingdom of John the Presbyter” (Spirit-Self) had started.

But as the transition from Titurel to Parsifal passed through the drama of Amfortas, the same scenario repeated itself in the transition from Tsar Boris I to his grandson Boyan the Magician (Boyan Magesnik / Boyan the Magus). In the Western world, Amfortas's sexuality was pierced by the “spear of Klingsor” because of the lust that prevailed, while in Bulgaria the vainglorious heart of Simeon I the Great was destroyed by his own greed for power. While in Amfortas the weakness of the Intellectual Soul manifested itself in the faculty of “feeling”, in Tsar Simeon I the Great, due to his much superior education, it was his mentality which turned out to have been wounded to even a much greater extent. The wrong use of the Cosmic Intelligence caused him more serious harm than it did to Amfortas because it manifested itself in external secular authority. Someone had to save not Tsar Simeon I and his huge Bulgarian empire which he left behind, but the execution of the Plan that was proclaimed by the Elohim to his father Boris I. When in the West Parsifal successfully cured Amfortas, he also redeemed Titurel’s power in order for it to be utilized in future. When Boyan the Magus began to heal the “wounds” of the Bulgarian society that were caused by his father Tsar Simeon I, he also saved the endeavor of his grandfather Tsar Boris I for the sake of mankind’s future.

In 927 AD, the “all-powerful” Simeon I suffered a heart attack and suddenly died. The heart attack was most likely caused by a certain type of a black magic that was done in Constantinople. At that time, Boyan the Magus, who had back then the Christian name of Benjamin, was studying at the most prestigious school on Earth – the Imperial University of Constantinople, where, despite being only 17 years old, he was able to astonish his teachers with his outstanding erudition and charisma. Next, he returned to the Bulgarian capital of Veliki Preslav as soon as he heard the news about his father's death. His brother Petar offered him the vacant throne, but Boyan had a far more significant mission to accomplish. When he was still in Constantinople, Boyan secretly communicated with two mysterious “Syrians”, who eventually arrived in the Bulgarian capital in the year 928 AD and met with Boyan and five of his closest associates inside the “Saint Paraskeva” Monastery in order for this selected group of Bulgarians to be initiated in the Mystery of the Grail and to lay down the foundations of the spiritual impulse of Bogomilism. The two so-called “Syrians” were actually the reincarnated Virgin-Sophia (Virgin Mary) and John the Evangelist. After Christ addressed them on Golgotha, both of them seemed to have merged into a single being. John was leading the procession at the funeral of Virgin-Sophia in Gethsemane, and he also wrote the Sophian “Gospel of John”. Тhe two “Syrians” taught the original “Gospel of John” to the first six Bulgarian “Johannine Christians”, as the Bogomils used to initially call themselves. One of the six had been also present at the funeral in Gethsemane nine centuries ago. This was Boyan, who was the reincarnated Dionysius the Areopagite. Right there, in Veliki Preslav, he was the one, who, out of the six Bulgarians, was most aware of the significance and the scale of the new Great Endeavor which was about to begin very soon, and that is why he took the leading role in it. In that very same moment, the path was cleared for the transition of the Grail from its last Guardian – Parsifal (the Consciousness Soul) to the real Grail Bearer – Boyan the Magus (the Spirit-Self). As a result, the connection with the kingdom of “Presbyter John” was finally achieved! From this moment on, the newly initiated Bogomils were about to become the bearers of the Grail inside their Souls and form new Grail fraternal communities all around Europe, in which the Holy Spirit manifested itself in a completely regenerated form. In contrast to the first Christian communities, which had originated right after the miracle of Pentecost, the new Bogomil fraternal communities appeared during the times when the Cosmic Intelligence had already descended to the level of man. It was true that the Cosmic Intelligence was not yet personally possessed by the Bogomils the way it was going to be after the 15th century AD, but it was nevertheless effective enough as to evoke the ability for an independent thought process that was entirely devoted to Christ and directed towards the Spirit-Self. The unique thing about the Bogomils was that they combined within themselves the intensive emotional experience of the Grail’s secrets with the attempt of comprehending them in a new Sophian way. This synthesis resulted in the writing of many books, which were later on burned by the Orthodox and the Catholic churches, as well as in full-scale communal life, acceptance of the principle of gender equality, knowledge about reincarnation, exceptional bravery in the face of death and many other distinctive characteristics that turned the Bogomils into a role model and a center that attracted thousands of Souls of different social strata. They were so ahead of their times that, for example, they had granted equal rights to women 1,000 year earlier as compared to today’s “civilized” nations. Moreover, the famous supranationalism of the Bogomils could be partially attributed to the fact that by following Christ's example of brotherhood in the Spirit, the first six Bogomils together with the two “Syrians” had shaped inside the “Saint Paraskeva” Monastery the original prototype of the fraternal spiritual communities where the blood kinship played no role whatsoever. When Christ descended onto Earth and was born in a supersensible way in Jesus, the dependence on the blood kinship that is connected with the symbolism of the “digit 7” was finally overcome because through His arrival on Earth, Christ revealed to us the spiritual brotherhood in the Lodge of the 12 Bodhisattvas, as demonstrated by the 12 Apostles whom He gathered around Himself. Next, it took Christ only three years before His death on Golgotha to turn the physical body of Jesus into Spirit-Man, resurrect the phantom body from the grave and raise it from Earth all the way up to the exact part of spiritual world where it originates from, and namely - to the sphere of the hierarchy of the Thrones. From this moment on, the resurrected phantom was going to exert a certain influence within the spiritual substances on Earth thanks to the powers that are related to Spirit-Man.

John was standing at the foot of the Cross with his high gnostic consciousness, and he was able to comprehend the Mystery of the Birth and the Death of Christ-Jesus. At that time, the Cosmic Intelligence was still residing inside the Sun sphere and was under the leadership of Archangel Michael. During the 10th century AD, however, the Cosmic Intelligence had come to Earth already, and in the capital of Veliki Preslav John participated in the mystery of overcoming the blood kinship enigma of the “digit 7”. Through the Power of the Grail (the Impulse of Christ Self), John ascended towards the Spirit-Self and formed a new “octave” of consciousness. Three centuries later and again in the Bulgarian lands, the reincarnated John (Christian Rosenkreutz) was going to act as the main character in the mystery of conquering the secrets of the “digit 12”, when, under the collective influence of the Grail, the Elohim, and of the 12 Bogomil Initiates, his body became completely transparent. By overcoming the mystery of the “digit 12”, his physical body didn’t fully turn into Spirit-Man like the physical body of Jesus did, but, nonetheless, a very important transition process began! This transition signified man’s gradual conquering of the earthly duodecimality, which symbolizes the death of the human physical body, and also the transformation of the human flesh into the Word! The whole Wisdom of the Bodhisattvas, which had descended to Earth up until then, penetrated Christian Rosenkreutz all the way to his physical body, and, after the transformation of that Wisdom by the Christ Impulse, the flesh began to speak as the Word Himself! This entire transformation process marked the so-called new “spiritual duodecimality” on Earth – the act of transforming the flesh into Word! The human flesh would fully transform itself into Word during the 6th Cultural Age, and this will be achieved by Maitreya Buddha, when he, by being completely aware of the Power of the Christ Impulse within his own Self, would achieve this great transformation. In the Bulgarian town of Arbanasi, the very foundations of the same process were laid by Christian Rosenkreutz (the reincarnated John the Apostle), but he did it in a state of limited consciousness. The 20th century had to come in order to combine the achievements of both Beinsa Douno and Rudolf Steiner, so that this transformation process could continue in a state of waking consciousness and also account for the new different spiritual conditions on Earth!

That is how the decision of the Concilium from the 4th century AD, concerning the overcoming of the “square” and the transition towards a new type of “duodecimal” (Rosicrucian) Initiation, was accomplished in two separate stages during the 10th and 13th centuries AD among the Bulgarian Bogomils. In that 13th century AD, the scholastic Thomas Aquinas of the Dominican Order was the one who witnessed the Mystery of Arbanasi that took place inside the body of Christian Rosenkreutz. Ultimately, Rosicrucianism turned out to be the end result of the spiritual Concilium that took place in the 4th century AD. Scholasticism, on the other hand, was born as a result of the decision of Aristotle and Alexander, who, during their supersensible battle against the Muslim Aristotelianism in 869 AD, set themselves the goal of creating Christian Aristotelianism on Earth, i.e. to align Aristotelianism and Alexandrianism with the spirit of Christianity by using Archangel Michael as a vehicle for this process. Aristotle reincarnated as Thomas Aquinas and he brilliantly fulfilled the above-mentioned task by finding support in the Cosmic Intelligence which he used in a very spiritual way, despite the fact that it had already come down on Earth. The scholastics were searching for answers to the questions on how we would combine Faith (Religion) and Knowledge (Science) within the human thought process; also, how Christ could possibly enter the thought process during the forthcoming 5th Cultural Age, when, after the 15th century AD, the Cosmic Intelligence was about to be fully owned by mankind; and finally, how to give back to Archangel Michael the Cosmic Intelligence that would be metamorphosed and redeemed by men during the upcoming Michaelian Age which started towards the end of the 19th century. The answers to these questions could not be found during the transition from pre-intellectual to intellectual human development in the 13th century, but the answers were eventually discovered on the borderline between the 19th and the 20th century. - This was the time when Michael's Age began, Christ went through His Second Golgotha and Kali Yuga also ended. – This was the time when Thomas Aquinas again found the relevant answers, but this time he was reborn as Rudolf Steiner! Steiner was freely talking about the karma of the Soul, the reincarnation of the Self and the Mystery of the Grail, unlike the 13th century, when Thomas Aquinas passionately defended his opinion about the preservation of man’s individuality (Self) after death, but, nevertheless, he could not master the idea of reincarnation. For various karmic reasons, the scholastics from the Dominican order didn’t come close to the Mystery of the Grail in a conscious way either, which was why they turned into the main weapon of the Catholic Church in its fight against the Bearers of the Grail – the Bogomils. The Dominicans were neither a part of the “Christ nation”, nor of the ”alliance of the Word" (Slavdom). Moreover, Thomas Aquinas himself was in the supersensible world during the Turnaround of Times, when, down on Earth, the Grail Mystery was born inside the physical realm. Naturally, this absence had its own karmic consequences.

We have already pointed out that the Souls, who were in a contact with Christ during His three earthy years, are quite different from all other Souls. They possess both the idealistic inclination of the Platonists, which drives them to search for fraternal unity with the Gods, as well as the mindset of the Aristotelians accompanied by their aspiration for acting out in the world as true individuals. This combination of qualities turned these human Souls into flawless agents of Christ’s Will, which descends onto Earth through the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas and makes the Self participate not in the famous militarized Christian Catholic orders, which, for example, do not exist in the Christian Orthodox church, but in fraternal communities of free individuals having the Grail as their own center of unity instead. Such were the personalities of the Bulgarian Bogomils. They offered to the nations of Central and Western Europe a new method for connecting with the Grail Mystery, and this method was very different from the esoteric current of the Guardians from the 8th – 9th century. It also differed from the exoteric current that originated in the 12th century AD and was made popular by the novels of Chrétien de Troyes, Wolfram von Eschenbach and Robert de Boron. The Bogomilism combined both the esoteric and exoteric side of Christianity in a harmonious synthesis and was the only spiritual impulse that could oppose the churches of Rome and Constantinople that were systematically destroying the true living Christianity. Seeing the huge threat to their authority, Rome and Constantinople rushed to create the Holy Inquisition, to organize Church Councils against the Bulgarian “heresy” and to lead crusades against it. Despite the infernal hatred, satanic destruction and the increasing spiritual darkness, the Bogomils managed to lead and inspire the European population to the age of the Renaissance. As a result of their sacrificial work, the 5th Cultural Age was successfully started, and the different nations could take the necessary steps towards the fulfilment of their own respective missions.

In the sphere of the Sun, Archangel Michael created his School of Cosmic Christianity, and consequently, Ahriman opposed him by creating his own underground School, which became the cradle of all materialistic impulses. Bogomilism seemed to have disappeared in the outer world, but it continued its esoteric existence through the vehicle of Rosicrucianism all the way until the beginning of the 20th century. The Reformation, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution all manifested themselves, while at the same time the Bulgarian nation seemed to have sunk into oblivion and distanced itself from mankind’s evolution because of the persecutions against the Bogomils that were conducted by its governors and church leaders. As a result of these persecutions, Bulgaria was conquered by the Ottomans at the beginning of the age of the Consciousness Soul. One year before the age of Archangel Michael began in 1879 AD, the Bulgarian nation was liberated and rose from the ashes to immediately take over the leadership of mankind’s evolution of the Self because the Bodhisattva himself had incarnated in Bulgaria! And indeed, the Bulgarian people had fulfilled the mission assigned to them by the Elohim and had created the “host body” for the main messenger of Christ on Earth (the Bodhisattva). Immediately, the following question comes forth: “Whose Self was residing within the body of Peter Deunoff?” – The answer is: “The Self of the reincarnated Tsar Boris I.” In 1897 AD, the Self of the Bodhisattva began to link up with the body of Deunoff within which resided the Self of Boris I, and a year later, in Varna, the Elohim made a second appeal to the Bulgarians through the same Soul of Boris I, which had listened to the Elohim exactly 1,000 years earlier in 864 AD when the Christianization of the Bulgarian nation began. This time, however, the Soul of Tsar Boris I was already listening alongside the Self of the future Maitreya Buddha! Nowadays, if someone may choose to ask the reasonable question on how it was even possible for the Bulgarian nation not to disappear from the world stage during the five centuries of spiritual darkness and Ottoman slavery and still arrive at the point of receiving revelations from the Elohim, it is the Elohim himself who gave the answer as follows in his second revelation to Deunoff: “In all your sufferings and trials, I supported you with my hand and gave you spiritual power and strength, so that you would not completely wither spiritually and become lost in the muddle of life and despair.” ... “And at the end of your trial lasting for so many centuries, when the Heavens, in accordance with the supreme judgment of the Divine Providence, decided to deliver you from the onerous slavery, I was the first one to appear, to intervene and to liberate you, supposing that you would take advantage of this blessing bestowed upon you and rectify your past.“ The Elohim spoke again through Deunoff, although the post-liberation Bulgarians had misused the gifts of freedom. Exactly 1,000 years earlier, the same Elohim had outlined to Tsar Boris the plan for the formation of the Slavic alliance of the Word and, in particular, of the “Christ nation”. Now, the same Self, which was previously incarnated in Boris I, was listening through his Consciousness Soul and not through his Sentient Soul like it did 1,000 years earlier. This time, the Self of Tsar Boris I had to understand the continuation of the Plan that was revealed by the Elohim. This Elohim was acting as the Spirit-Leader of the already created Slavic family of nations. Regarding Russia, the Elohim said that God “has preordained a great future (for it) to fulfill His will for your glory (glory of the Bulgarians) and for the glory of His Kingdom. You (the Bulgarians) will receive a tribute from Russia as Melchizedek received it from Abraham.“ Peter Deunoff’s second revelation from the Elohim also addressed the Slavic Alliance of the Word in particular by announcing the upcoming start of the Second Coming of Christ that was proclaimed to mankind for the very first time as follows: “Understand the unwavering Truth that the advancement of the Slavic family is an advancement necessary for all, which God Himself is performing for His Chosen One - the Leader of Salvation (Christ), Who will appear soon among you in his full Glory and Power to restore the eternal Kingdom of Peace - the God’s Kingdom on Earth.” 

Eleven years later, under the inspiration of the Bodhisattva, Rudolf Steiner began to announce to the Western world the Second Coming of Christ because, prior to Deunoff’s “conversation” with the Elohim in the city of Varna, Steiner had managed to become the first human being, who, by relying solely on his own Self in a state of waking consciousness, paved the correct path for connecting with the spiritual worlds during the 5th Cultural Age. This is the same path within the human thought process that we know from Steiner’s book called “Philosophy of Freedom”. Thanks to his personal achievement, mankind was granted the Spiritual Science (Anthroposophy), without which its further development would have been impossible. Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy was the Third Christ Revelation that was granted to mankind. The first Christ revelation took place in the 3rd Cultural Age and manifested itself via the Moon Elohim Jehovah, his Moon image of Archangel Michael and Moses in the form of the Ten Commandments on the Mount Sinai. For the purpose of His Second Revelation in the 4th Cultural Age, Christ descended into Jesus through the six Sun Elohim, went through the Mystery of Golgotha and described His earthly presence through the writing of the “Gospels”, while at the same time Archangel Michael was already residing in the sphere of the Sun. Finally, Christ’s Third Revelation, which is Steiner’s Spiritual Science, was preceded by Christ’s Second Supersensible Golgotha and by the descent of Archangel Michael to the spiritual world that is closest to Earth and his subsequent rise to the rank of an Archai, as well as by the new role of the Elohim during the 5th Cultural Age. At the time of the First Christ Revelation, the Elohim controlled the thought powers of the Cosmos. Four centuries before His Second Revelation, the Elohim began to transfer the control of the thought powers to the Archai because of the forthcoming individualization of the human thought process after the First Coming of the Savior. The whole transfer of control lasted almost until the start of the 15th century, but it culminated in the 4th century AD when the Concilium of the Four Great Spiritual Masters was held. In the meantime, Archangel Michael gave up his control of the Cosmic Intelligence. Both these “transfer” processes had an effect on the above-mentioned Concilium, which outlined the plan for mankind’s response with respect to the new spiritual conditions on Earth. At the point of the Third Christ Revelation, the Elohim had already fully “delegated” their authority to the Archai, and since then the Elohim have started preparing themselves for their transformation into “Spirits of Motion”.

Now is the moment to offer clarification, though not quite a complete one, of what the "thought powers of the Cosmos" are and also what the "Cosmic Intelligence" is. The Source of Consciousness for all beings in the whole of Creation is the Holy Spirit as a part of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit represents the “thought powers of the Cosmos” and it is mirrored externally onto us through the Third Hierarchy of Gods – the Archai, Archangels and Angels. Internally, “the thought powers of the Cosmos" are reflected upon mankind from within the Second Hierarchy of Gods as represented by the Elohim. - The second hierarchy of Gods in its own turn is the actual “external reflection of the Word Himself”. In pre-Christian times, the Elohim were the "Cosmic thought powers" that used to evoke human clairvoyant imaginations in an automatic and unfree way. The Elohim influence was transferred from the outside world into humans with the active help of Nature because these Gods were so powerful that their direct entry inside the Soul of man would have obliterated his Self immediately. We could only imagine what Tsar Boris felt when the Elohim penetrated his individual consciousness directly, but his consequent decisive actions speak for themselves! The “instrument” for the direct entry of the thought powers inside Tsar Boris I was the “Cosmic Intelligence”, which is a “product” of the Heavenly Sophia. The Heavenly (Cosmic) Sophia herself is a collective being formed during the evolution of our Solar System. Whether any other "Heavenly Sophias" exist inside the Cosmos, we do not know yet, but it is for sure that without the above-mentioned "instrument" created by Sophia, the possibility for establishing a conscious connection between man and the thought powers of the Cosmos would have never materialized itself. In plain words, the Heavenly Sophia "condenses" the Holy Spirit into a mental substance, which, the most prominent son of Sophia - Archangel Michael, had been protecting for aeons in order to bestow it upon us during the upcoming Christian evolution of mankind. This was Archangel Michael’s own sacrificial act that followed the example of the Christ.

After the Archai took over the control of the Cosmic thought powers from the Elohim, and after the transformation of the Cosmic Intelligence into Earthly Intelligence, the Gods became “worried” for a reason and were asking themselves whether there would be at least one human being on Earth capable of establishing a connection with them in the new way that is suitable with respect to the new spiritual reality. If the clairvoyant visions, which were being evoked by the Elohim during the period of Antiquity, had been previously a matter of normal human physiology, they were now becoming a question of pathology, once the Archai have taken over from the Elohim. Nowadays, the imaginations have to be personally “conquered” by the Self from within our own consciousness and do not have to be evoked into our bodies by any “outside agents”. The Self was becoming a "deity" thanks to the instrument of “pure thoughts” and is meant to start creating new imaginations in order to offer them to the Archai, so that the connection with the Cosmic thought powers could be achieved in the right way. This would mean that the Holy Spirit would penetrate the Self, the Soul and the bodies of man as a Revelation, but this time without weakening his individual waking consciousness in any way whatsoever. When the Spirit talks, It manifests either as an imagination plus intuition, or as an inspiration plus intuition, or simultaneously as all three of them together. However, it is obligatory for the intuition to be present in order for it to confirm the validity of the revelation that is being received! Out of the representatives of the Holy Spirit in the Third Hierarchy of Gods, it is only the Archai who possess developed intuitive consciousness, and they are the ones who "certify" the validity of every single true revelation that the spiritual pilgrim on Earth attains, understands, puts into words and announces to mankind. And as we currently live in the Age of Michael, who has already become an Archai, we can legitimately denote the new path to the Heavens as “Michaelian”. The first one who attempted to practice the Michaelian method of communicating with the spiritual world was Rudolf Steiner and, as a result of his actions, the Third Christ Revelation became possible.

However, here comes the question about the role the Bodhisattvas played within the Three Revelations of the Christ, and especially important to us, taking into account the forthcoming meeting with Ahriman, would be the activity of the 7th Bodhisattva during the 20th century. The arrival of the first Christ Revelation approximately coincided with the activity of the 5th Bodhisattva Orpheus. Back then, the spiritual essence of the Bodhisattva was acting from the outside upon his own physical “host body”. Next, the prophet Moses went up the "mountain" to receive the Ten Commandments of the “Moon” Elohim Jehovah via the “Moon” Archangel Michael. In addition to being Christ’s servant, Archangel Michael is also a member of the collective being of the Heavenly Sophia, through which the Word (Christ) was gradually descending towards Earth. Before the Turnaround of Times, the Bodhisattvas were the carriers of the "Moon" reflections of God's Wisdom, and they were fulfilling their mission by being in connection with the "Moon" Third Hierarchy of Gods, one of which was Archangel Michael. Since we know that the fulfilment of Christ's Will on Earth is executed by the Bodhisattvas, then the 5th one of them (Orpheus) must have been present in a spiritual way at the moment when the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) was handed over.

Christ demonstrated His Second Revelation in the earthly physical realm through the Death and the Resurrection on Golgotha, and thereafter He eternally linked Himself with the Earth and mankind. Following Christ’s example, Archangel Michael left the Sun and followed the Cosmic Intelligence in order to further descend all the way down to the spiritual world that is nearest to the Earth, where he once again defeated Ahriman and was "resurrected" to the higher spiritual rank of Archai, thereby becoming Christ's "Sun Image".

After the Cosmic Intelligence was embedded within mankind during the 15th century AD by the First Hierarchy of Gods, the Intelligence of the Heavenly Sophia became unfortunately ahrimanized as a result of the consequent materialistic evolution of the human consciousness; Sophia then "died" for us as we could no longer reach Her Wisdom and remained waiting for her own "Resurrection" within mankind. The 7th Bodhisattva (the daughter of Jairus) was also physically "dead" during the Turnaround of Times, but was resurrected by Christ. In this way, Christ prepared the Bodhisattva for the Third Revelation of the Savior and the future earthly "resurrection" of the Heavenly Sophia. The Bodhisattva managed to duly prepare for the above-mentioned events thanks to the Christ Power acting in his Self. Despite the Bodhisattva’s regular descents onto Earth throughout all the centuries, he seems to have remained on the fringes of the earthly affairs. Nevertheless, the Bodhisattva was still participating in all significant spiritual manifestations on Earth, but never appeared directly on the stage of events. In the same fashion, the Christ Impulse "hid" in the unconscious depths of the human Soul. As a result, the Christ Impulse was working within our waking consciousness to advance our human evolution while waiting for the right time to emerge from the depths of our Soul and to manifest itself for the 3rd time in a row, but only after it had gone through a “new Golgotha”.

At the end of 19th century, Christ “drew” into his Being the dark sphere of materialistic thoughts that was surrounding the Earth, transformed it in a Manichean way and radiated Spiritual Light, but His Astral Consciousness, which was residing inside the Nathan Soul ever since the Turnaround of Times, was extinguished as a result of His sacrifice. The Christ Consciousness was subsequently resurrected once again inside the Nathan Soul, but this time as a new Etheric Consciousness dwelling inside the light ether. Therefore, the Nathan Soul has made its 5th consecutive sacrifice for the sake of mankind, and this newly born Etheric Christ Consciousness would become ever more visible to the spiritual sight of man during the next 3,000 years. It is the Etheric Christ, Whom the Elohim first announced to the Bodhisattva in 1898 AD, and afterwards the Bodhisattva revealed this fact to Rudolf Steiner. To illustrate, Steiner very clearly stated that: "We use the expressions, which we derive from the inspirations of the Bodhisattva himself, and they (the inspirations from the Bodhisattva) show us what the future coming of the Christ would look like." Two thousand years earlier, Yeshu ben Pandira announced the Physical Coming of the Savior, and after him it was the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno who was this time talking about the second Etheric Coming of Christ that would take place through “the hearts and Souls” of all people having “a high ideal”. When the Bodhisattvic impulse, as represented by the image of "the resurrected daughter of Jairus", awakens in the Soul of the modern man, the great anthroposophical truths stimulate his astral body, the person then makes the transition from thinking with his physical brain towards thinking with his etheric brain and later on towards thinking with his whole etheric body, so that the essence of the “Bodhisattva Key" could reveal itself to him, thereby opening the door leading to the Etheric Christ! - Rudolf Steiner used this very same “key” of the Bodhisattva! Anthroposophy gives knowledge, without which man could not become free in his thought process, could not form his own individuality and could not recognize himself as a true “Spirit-Self”. - The correct “application” of the Spiritual Science (Anthroposophy) turns our astral body into “Spirit-Self”. The Impulse of the Bodhisattva, on the other hand, influences the transformation of the etheric body into “Life-Spirit” and inevitably drives the Souls towards a formation of a Universal Brotherhood around "the throne of the Lamb" (Christ). The people living in the Brotherhood of Christ would resemble each other so much internally, as though they are like peas in a pod, since they would all be living based on the principle “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me“ (Galatians 2:20 NKJV). Their similarity would be based on the fact that they all would be "clothed with white robes" (Revelation 7:9, NKJV), and shall effortlessly recognize each other thanks to their loyalty to the “Lamb”. Steiner’s Anthroposophy is the “vehicle” of the Holy Spirit and Freedom, while the Bodhisattva represents the “Word” and Love. - Love is impossible without Freedom! We can proclaim with complete confidence that the main purpose of Anthroposophy is to take us to the 7th Bodhisattva, and, via him, we would then connect with the Etheric Christ in order not only to cope with the incarnated Antichrist, but to also lay the foundations of the true "resurrection" of the Heavenly Sophia, which in future would "merge" with the Gods of the First Hierarchy and, as a result, the Cosmos would turn into a new single collective Being having the Christ as its center! This metamorphosed New Cosmic Being would also include the earthly mankind as its 10th Hierarchy of Freedom and Love! Afterwards, the humankind would gain access to the Principle of the Father from the Holy Trinity, in Whom each man lives as a unique individuality again, but this time every person would be completely permeated by the Christ because “No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6, NKJV). It was the sacrifices of both Rudolf Steiner and the 7th Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno that laid the first conscious “foundations” of this spectacular “structure“ of the new metamorphosed Cosmic Man! - So, what sacrifices did the two of them make and how did these sacrifices differ in their nature?

At some point in the late 19th century, Rudolf Steiner managed to eventually “saturate” his Self with the Christ Impulse to such an extent that he deservedly earned himself the right to personally encounter Christ, after which in the course of three separate 7-year periods, starting in 1902 until the Christmas Assembly of the year 1923, he "allowed" the Gods to respectively act first through his astral, then through his etheric and finally through his physical body, so that mankind could be granted the gift and blessing of the Spiritual Science. Moreover, during the Christmas Assembly of 1923, Steiner "transferred" the Grail from the spiritual world and placed it within the Souls and the hearts of the attending anthroposophists in the form of a "dodecahedral imaginative image of Love". This "Michaelian" Grail is the Foundation Stone of the Anthroposophical Society, whose power should have been sufficient to counteract the incarnated Antichrist. In reality, however, the spiritual world revealed to us that just the Foundation Stone is not sufficient in order to successfully cope with the Antichrist! - Why is that then? - Well, because in addition to the Christmas Assembly of 1923 AD, there was yet another great spiritual sacrifice on Earth in the 20th century, which, unfortunately, remained totally unacknowledged and misunderstood by mankind for quite some time. Without the end result of this separate sacrifice, nobody would have been able to oppose Ahriman. – Now then, what is this second mysterious sacrifice?!

On 4 May 1936, inside the lecture hall of the White Brotherhood’s “Izgrev” village near the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno and two members of the White Brotherhood were rehearsing some musical pieces. It was Monday – the day of the Moon. Acting with a blurred "Moon"-consciousness, a member of the "Democratic Alliance" of the politician Aleksandar Tsankov jumped over the yard fence, broke the window of the lecture hall, came in and beat up the Master at 3:25 p.m. by punching the left hand side of his head, which in its turn caused the right hand side of the brain to become partially paralyzed. - In this beating, we witness the proof that Ahriman, symbolizing the paralyzed “right side” of the brain, is actually the karma of Lucifer, who embodies the “left brain” that was being punched by the attacker on this particular occasion. On the 12 July 1936 (St. Peter’s Feast), while very slowly recovering in the city of Sofia, the Master unexpectedly said: “We are going to the Rila Mountain!” On the 16th of July, at 5:30 a.m., the Master and his disciples left for the mountain. Throughout the course of about one month, the Master used his paralyzed right hand to write out one line after the other the phrase “God is Love“ (Богъ е Любовъ) inside the notebook of the stenographer Savka Keremedchieva. In the Bulgarian language, the number of the alphabetical letters in this phrase is exactly 11. Ahriman is the one who used the digit 11 both very often and very intensely during the 20th century and is still using it during the beginning of the 21st century for the purpose of fulfilling his own dreadful plans. This 11-letter phrase written by the Master Beinsa Douno had a completely opposite effect though! After writing the final stroke of the last letter, the Bodhisattva was miraculously cured and then pronounced the following mysterious words: “There was more than Golgotha in here!” His disciples were more than ecstatic! They started singing a song and went from the Master’s tent towards the Rila water fountain called “The Hands that Give”, which is close to the 2nd Rila lake. The lyrics of the song they sang need no commentary – they speak for themselves:

“Blessed by God – you,
Master of Love“

“We welcome you, we welcome you,

Master of Wisdom!”          
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