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Lectures for reading / The Bodhisattvas-part 1

The Bodhisattvas-part 1
12.04.18 21:51

Автор:Dimitar Mangurov
 “These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb“ (Revelation 7:14, NKJV).

After the so-called “democratic changes” in Bulgaria, a former officer of the Bulgarian Committee for State Security (CSS) told a small group of people the following story that had happened during the communist totalitarian years. While on a work trip to the former city of Leningrad, which is nowadays called Saint Petersburg, he decided to visit the State Hermitage Museum and see the hidden treasures placed in its undergrounds that were never shown to the general public. He was accompanied by a female major from the Soviet KGB. The Bulgarian CSS officer was marveling at the abundance of the “Scythian” collections for quite some time, but what impressed him the most was a pair of earrings about three centimeters in length that were crafted by gluing together hundreds, perhaps even thousands of miniature gold grains in quite a miraculous way! The KGB major explained to him that even in this day and age there would be no one on Earth who would be able to craft such a pair of earrings. In an attempt to emulate this fine type of craftsmanship, the Soviets had been even conducting various cosmic experiments, but their results were rather modest. “What nation could have created such a technological miracle?!”, exclaimed the Bulgarian officer. The answer turned out to be more than surprising: “The ancient Bulgarians.” 

Well, is it a wonder then that the Soviet “comrades” couldn’t possibly exhibit such similar Bulgarian treasures before the eyes of the general public since they would have had to subsequently provide explanations on the origin of these artefacts! If the Soviets had revealed the truth about the real history of the Bulgarian nation, what would have then happened with the “official” historical theories affirming that the Bulgarian ruler Asparukh formed the Bulgarian state in the year 681 AD by crossing the river Danube with a small horde of Mongoloid semi-savages who, except for their skillful horse-riding and good fighting skills, appeared to be unable to do anything else?! And how about the same “official” theories claiming that the Bulgarians “had melted inside the Slavonic ethnos” and that the only thing they left behind was the name “Bulgarians”?! Nowadays, we have this pair of earrings alongside thousands of similar artefacts of so-called “Scythian”, “Celtic”, “Gothic”, “Greek” etc. origins that are indeed posing to “modern science” a great deal of disturbing questions with historical, mystical and even cosmic implications. Although nowadays we consider ourselves to be very “intelligent” and technologically advanced, how could we, as so-called “intelligent” individuals, possibly figure out that “the taming of the horse” that was first done by the Bulgarians in the 3rd millennium BC in the steppes north of the Black Sea, figuratively meant “the development of the human mind”?! Moreover, how could we, as so-called “intelligent” individuals, possibly figure that this “development of the human mind” was started in order for the human “Self” (ego)  to first form itself and then further evolve?! Let’s bear in mind that the main goal of mankind during the Earth aeon is exactly the development of the Self! How could we as “hi-tech” people realize that according to the all-embracing God’s Plan, which has been gradually unfolding itself throughout all the epochs, the “skillful mastering of the sword” of the ancient Bulgarians actually translates as the “correct development of the Self”, as hinted by the image of the “double-edged sword” from “The Apocalypse of St. John”, and also that all this was done by the Bulgarians for the sake of mankind’s evolution?! How could we possibly discover that the creation of the above-mentioned earrings was the end result of the strict following of that same Divine Plan, which barely now begins to reveal itself to the unsuspecting mankind?! We cannot say for sure whether the bishop Magnus Felix Ennodius, who was born in the city of Pavìa during the 5th century AD, was aware of the existence of the Divine Plan for the evolution of the human Self, or whether he knew that the Bulgarians were predestined to play a major role in it, but the summary of his words written in 486 AD in his “Panegyric to Theodoric the Great“ is more than persuasive: "The Bulgars - these were the people who had everything they wanted; they believed that the world was created for them; they never doubted their victory; these were the people admired by the world.”

Why were the ancient Bulgarians behaving in such a way as though the entire world had been created just for their own “convenience”? What is their constant source of power that gives them the necessary strength to keep on surprising the world with their achievements in all spheres of life even in this present day and age? Could we at least partially “decode” God’s Plan concerning mankind, and more specifically, the role of our own Bulgarian nation? Could we possibly find out what was the “Bulgaria mission” of the current Bodhisattva who is indeed acting as God’s main messenger on Earth? Let’s try to answer these questions and the upcoming fateful decades would prove if we are right or wrong!         

There are three main spiritual subjects that each man on Earth needs to be familiar with, since our entire future depends on the way these subjects are understood and subsequently treated in our everyday lives. The first subject concerns the Christ and the subtle body of the “Self”, the second one – the nine Divine hierarchies of advanced supersensible beings, and the third one – the Lodge of Bodhisattvas and its members. The exact title of this lecture demonstrates that we shall mainly concentrate on the third subject of the Bodhisattvas, but this would be done without isolating it from the other two above-mentioned areas of interest because all the three subjects form an inseparable triad. In the year 1909, Rudolf Steiner revealed such supersensible secrets which had remained hidden for way too long from the attention of the ever more materialistic mankind that his listeners were left speechless by the magnitude of what was being disclosed to them. What Steiner said was that: “Аt the temples of true Spiritual Science, the existence of something which has been manifesting itself throughout all the post-Atlantean cultures had always been felt and known - something which has already paved its way through the ancient Indian, ancient Persian etc. cultures and something which would be continuously revealing itself throughout all those cultures following the already mentioned ones up until the moment of the next great catastrophe and beyond it. If we look at it from a more tangible perspective, and not as something abstract, this “something” is a Being to which all other beings serve as messengers, no matter if they are the Holy Rishis or even those superior to them like the ones who never physically incarnate. We can call this Being with its Eastern name, which conveys its true meaning, and namely “The Group (Spirit) of the Bodhisattvas.”

In the Christian tradition, we would call this Being “The Holy Spirit.” Each and every gospel and each and every word of wisdom on Earth leads to this source of Primordial Wisdom, formed by the twelve Bodhisattvas, who, by being positioned in a circle inside the World of the Providence (Budhi), form in their unity a perfect extraordinary Being, called by Steiner “The Great Teacher”, who ”has taken human form many times during the post-Atlantean epoch”. That is why when ”during our earthly evolution we discover incarnations of the Bodhisattvas, we call them Great Teachers of Mankind, as the most significant thing about them is the (nature of the) Bodhisattva as an incarnation of Wisdom.”

And here immediately comes the clarification on the difference between the Principle of the Christ and the Principle of the Bodhisattva, since failing to differentiate between the two of them is one of the greatest occult mistakes ever. Out there, in the World of the Providence ”free from all He has been on Earth and its vicinity”, inside the center of the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas, we find the Christ Who is ”the foundation of mankind, the One from whom all Life begins and Who manifests ”His Glory and Magnificence”. The Bodhisattvas are the ones who have the privilege of contemplating and relishing the essence of the Christ. Also, the Bodhisattvas redirect Christ's life-generating essence towards the Earth in the form of a spiritual teaching. Christ is not just a master like all the other spiritual masters, and that is why all the teachings emerging in the different human cultures aim to assist mankind in fully comprehending the real nature of the Christ. ”He is more of an object (of study), rather than a driving force behind the (spiritual) teachings”, is what Steiner says.

Following the above-mentioned citations, even the most biased esotericist should be able to understand that both the correct clarification of the Bodhisattva question, which is one of the most complex questions in Steiner’s Christology, and the pinpointing of the exact human incarnation of the Spirit of the Bodhisattvas in the 20th century simultaneously play a vital role within mankind’s spiritual life. Any resistance to these truths is an unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit, and such resistance obstructs one’s path towards the Cosmic Self of the Christ. Consequently, any such refusal to accept the truths about the Bodhisattva shall lead to the disappearance of Christ’s Life within the respective individual. Moreover, such resistance would also eventually turn itself into a confrontation with God and, finally, it will support the incarnated Antichrist in his battle against the Etheric Christ! - I do honestly hope that this written presentation would turn into a helpful guide in order to avoid such a possible tragic fate. And now, let’s proceed with a more detailed discussion of the “Mystery of the Bodhisattva” from its very beginning and all the way up to the Mystery of Golgotha in order to grasp the deep meaning of the gigantic changes that took place after the Resurrection of the Saviour!

From anthroposophy, we know that the main event inside the created Cosmos that deeply shook all its inhabitants was the “rise of man” that was demonstrated in practice by the Second Hypostasis of the Holy Trinity (The Son). - The Son from the Trinity is also known as ”The Word”. On His long journey towards the sacrifice at Golgotha, the first thing that the Christ did was to demonstrate His Cosmic Essence as ”The Son” inside the Zodiac circle. Next, He ”shrunk” to the level of a Spirit of Wisdom during the Old Sun aeon, and much later during the Earth aeon, He manifested Himself as a ”collective planetary Being” inside the group of the six Sun Elohim who were acting as Spirits of Form. Next, the Macrocosmic Christ continued His descent and entered the sphere of the Moon as Archangel Michael and then “bypassed” the world of the Angels before finally “infusing” His Macrocosmic Self within the three bodies of Jesus after the miracle at the river Jordan on the holy day of Epiphany. At some point during this „panoramic trip” of sacrificial “contractions in magnitude”, the Savior created the Lodge of the twelve Bodhisattvas and made it His main human instrument for the manifestation of His Will on Earth. The creation of the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas was not a single act, but a continuous process, which started during the Hyperborean epoch. During the preceding Polarean epoch, which was acting as a reflection (mirror image) of the Old Saturn aeon, the entire “spiritual substance” was in complete unity, and that is why it is impossible to talk about any formation process with respect to the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas as an independent “collective Being”. Instead, it all started during the middle of the Hyperborean epoch, which was a reflection of the Old Sun aeon, when together with Christ, the Sun separated itself from the collective “triad” that was also “populated” by the Moon and the Earth. At that time, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn already existed as separate planets, Mercury and Venus were about to be formed a little bit later, while the Moon and the Earth were going to become independent celestial bodies during the next Lemurian epoch. Back then, the formation of today’s Solar System was happening at a spiritual level inside the Lower Devachan, no ”solid” substance existed, and the future Bodhisattvas were just about to begin adopting a human form before they could become the active leading force behind the evolution of the earthly mankind. Nonetheless, even back then, the Bodhisattvas were being sent out to the different planets with some special missions that were being allocated to them by the Great Sun Spirit of Christ. Rudolf Steiner mentioned that the Bodhisattva who at one point became Gautama Buddha was indeed sent to Venus (today’s Mercury). At this present moment, we are unable to say where the other Bodhisattvas were sent and what their specific tasks were, but we can certainly share the occult fact that during the “Great Moon Crisis” in Lemuria it was the future Bodhisattvas themselves who performed a single sacrificial act, without which our whole human evolution would have definitely failed. They were the actual “Souls” and “Selves” who had the necessary strength to withstand the destructively stagnating Moon forces in order to remain on Earth and consequently ensure the continuation of our reincarnations, which had started after mankind committed the Original Sin. Due to this sacrificial feat, the Bodhisattvas acquired the relevant virtues that allowed them to fully complete the formation of their Lodge during the middle of the Atlantean epoch and to assume their role as mankind’s spiritual leaders. All the time, the focus of their efforts and the source of their strength was the Christ Himself, Who was continuously “dwindling” in size while descending with great momentum towards the Earth. Along his descent, Christ made three consecutive supersensible sacrifices inside the Nathan Soul. - First, the Christ saved our twelve senses and the human physical body around the end of the Lemurian epoch. Next, He saved our seven main vital organs and the human etheric body at the beginning of the Atlantean period. Finally, He managed to save the three faculties of the human Soul and also our astral body towards the end of Atlantean epoch. As a result, the human beings acquired an erect body posture as well as speech capabilities and a rudimentary ability to participate in the thought process, thus becoming capable of developing the body of the “Self”. - The future “healing” and restoration of the human “Self” was about to take place during the Golgotha events though. Following, the Bodhisattvas became able to start influencing our physical bodies. However, in order to be able to at least partially understand the nature of their actions, we need to first explain the actual nature of the Bodhisattva beings.         

After one’s earthly life is completed, the “average person” would rise up to the planetoid sphere between Mars and Jupiter, the “Initiates” would reach the boundaries of the Upper Devachan and from there they would contemplate the kingdom of ”Budhi”, while the “Bodhisattvas”, as already mentioned before, shall dwell inside the realm of ”Budhi”, where within their own combined harmony they form the body of the ”Holy Spirit” and witness the Christ manifestation “above” their own location, since the Macrocosmic Christ descends upon them from the higher levels of Consciousness. Therefore, from a cosmic perspective, Christ is the “Sun” and the Bodhisattvas are the “twelve stars” that receive Light, Warmth, Power and Life from Him, and subsequently they bring these “gifts” down to Earth. When Christ manifested Himself as the Son inside the Zodiac circle, He was in possession of the duodecimal Completeness of the Powers of the Father Principle from the Holy Trinity, and this immaculate Completeness was used to create our human physical body as a “mirror” of the Father Principle. Following the same model, the Circle of the Bodhisattvas was created as an entity permeated by the Holy Spirit which “mirrors” (reflects) the twelve aspects of the Cosmic Christ inside the Earth’s realm. The Holy Spirit acquires His power from the direct contemplation of the Macrocosmic Christ, and after the mid-Atlantean epoch, this power started descending upon mankind through each of the Bodhisattvas in the form of all-embracing Wisdom. – Now then, the next relevant question would be: “What sort of a “Holy Spirit” are we talking about in here?”

The third Hypostasis of the Holy Trinity is the Holy Spirit, and it is the end result of the union of Love (Father Principle) and Wisdom (Son Principle). Before the Mystery of Golgotha, the Holy Spirit, as a collective Spirit of the Bodhisattvas, was directing down towards Earth only the Divine Wisdom (Word) that was coming from the Principle of the Son. In the emotional farewell chapters of the Gospel of John, the Word (the Son) had promised the apostles and mankind respectively to prey to the Father for the subsequent successful arrival of the Being called the “Helper”, the “Spirit of Truth”, the “Holy Spirit”. With the help of this “Holy Spirit”, both the Father and the Son Principles would “make their home” in every man, but only if people love Jesus (Gospel of John 14:23, NKJV). Moreover, the Son who was nailed on the Cross managed to successfully transform the Word (Wisdom) into Love, but only after He gave “new birth” and new meaning to the Wisdom within His own Macrocosmic Self of the Christ! As a result, it then became possible for the human being of Jesus to turn himself into a true representative of the entire Holy Trinity on Earth! Due to that sensory fact, after Pentecost, the “Holy Spirit” from the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas found access inside the human Self and gradually started revealing to mankind the secrets of the Mystery of Golgotha, and along with it, He also disclosed to the human beings the Mystery of the Holy Trinity itself as Love, Wisdom and Truth! From messengers of the Holy Spirit during the pre-Christian times who were carrying the Wisdom of the Word, the Bodhisattvas turned themselves into followers of the Savior and bearers of the “Holy Spirit”, and in this way they obtained the names of “Spirit of Truth” and “Helper”. A great change took place within the Lodge of the twelve Bodhisattvas, which, as a result of the Golgotha events, currently expresses itself through the very first truly “Christian” Bodhisattva. As a result of this change, the messengers of the Cosmic Logos became followers of the Man “Christ Jesus” because the Logos Christ had become the new resurrected Man and had eternally connected Himself with the Earth and now stands at the center of its evolution. Before the Mystery of Golgotha, the goal of Earth's evolution was being revealed only to the Initiates inside the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas, but ever since the completion of the Golgotha events, the purpose of our own human evolution exists within every human Self as a Christ Impulse, and the task of the Bodhisattvas is to keep revealing to us the content of this Christ impulse with regards to the higher levels of Consciousness, and to also actively manifest it in practice as an example for the whole of mankind. However, in order to understand what the Bodhisattvas tell us as well as what they actually do, we need to explore their nature even further.

To a certain extent, the Bodhisattva is also a Cosmic being, since he finds support in his own Self and consciously works together with his Guardian Angel in order to transform his astral body into Spirit-Self, unlike the rest of humanity, which, in general, would initiate the same astral body transformational process during the aeon of the future Spiritual Jupiter. During the process of astral body transformation, the Bodhisattva also receives inspirations inside his etheric body from the Archangel of the nation where he has incarnated himself after having already left the realm of ”Budhi”. Just before completing his last planned earthly incarnation, the Bodhisattva transforms his astral body into a new spiritual “principle”(body) with certain capabilities, and this new “principle” is called ”Nirmanakaya”. - It represents the shining body of the Spirit-Self! Next, the Bodhisattva rises to the state of Nirvana, acquires the rank of a ”Buddha”, sets his Guardian Angel free and through his recently acquired “Spirit-Self” acting as a “principle” of his “Self”, the Bodhisattva starts working on his etheric body alongside the appropriate Archangel and then begins to metamorphosize his etheric body into a “Life-Spirit”, but this time without the need to descend onto Earth any further. - Such a transformation of the human etheric body would be possible for mankind during the future aeon of Venus. Once the currently “responsible” Bodhisattva has ascended to the rank of a “Buddha”, then the next Bodhisattva takes over ”the heavenly tiara” from his predecessor and starts fulfilling his own mission alongside his own Guardian Angel. As a rule, the Angels act within the sphere between the Earth and the Moon. Sometimes, Rudolf Steiner calls the Bodhisattvas ”the messengers of the Moon” because the Moon was the spiritual mirror through which the Sun Wisdom of the Word (Son) penetrated the Earth before the Mystery of Golgotha. Before the Golgotha events, the Divine Wisdom was revealing itself inside the circle of the Bodhisattvas through the Spirits of Wisdom (Dominions), which are the most advanced beings within the structure of the “Heavenly Sophia” (Cosmic Wisdom) and are also the most advanced representatives of the “Word (Son) Principle” as a part of the Second Hierarchy of Gods. This Cosmic Wisdom had been accumulating itself inside the “Being of the Holy Spirit”, as represented by the collective Spirit of the Bodhisattvas, and from there it was being ”poured down” upon Earth by the responsible Bodhisattva. This transfer of the Cosmic Wisdom before Golgotha was made possible with the active collaboration of the Archai, the Archangels and the Angels, who represent the Principle of the “Holy Spirit from the Holy Trinity”. While on Earth, the Bodhisattva would have a relationship with his Guardian Angel and the Archangel of his “host nation”, but he cannot establish a connection with the respective Archai acting as the Spirit of Time. This connection with the Archai becomes possible only when the Bodhisattva reaches the rank of a ”Buddha”. Although through the work with his Guardian Angel the Bodhisattva receives impulses influencing him on an individual basis through the transformation of his astral body into ”Nirmanakaya” and through the joint work with the folk-spirit (Archangel) he receives impulses influencing the destiny of the nation where he was born, it is not until the Bodhisattva becomes a Buddha that he could guide the destiny of the entire humankind within a particular epoch under the influence of the relevant Archai. Connecting with the Archai becomes a mission for the Bodhisattva while he is on Earth, and each time he returns to the “Lodge of the Twelve”(the Bodhisattvas’ Lodge), which guides the human evolution, this connection with the Archai is reestablished. There – inside the realm of the Providence, the Circle of the twelve Bodhisattvas links up with the Archai, the Archangels and the Angles and that is why Steiner calls the Bodhisattvas’ Lodge by the name of ”the Holy Spirit”. Nonetheless, this Lodge may also be called the “Circle of the Archangels” since the Archangels play a central role in it. The purpose of the Lodge’s existence is hidden within its Creator – the Word (the Son), and the Archangels are the direct representatives of this same “Principle of the Word” inside the above-mentioned triad of advanced beings. The Angels have a lower spiritual rank and assist the Archangels from “below”, while the Archai have a higher rank than the Archangels and inspire the Archangels from “above”, and, therefore, the unity of these three hierarchies creates the Cosmic aspect of the “Lodge of the Twelve”. Let’s clarify in here something that was mentioned before, and namely, that the “Lodge of the Twelve” is definitely not the Zodiac circle itself, in which the most advanced spiritual Beings (Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones) operate in order to represent the Principle of the Father inside the Genesis, but the Lodge itself reflects the Zodiac circle through the forces of the Moon and acts as a “spiritual mirror”. However, from both an earthly and Cosmic perspective, even this fact has changed ever since the Mystery of Golgotha because Christ ”has filled all the gaps between man and God”, as the first Christian Bodhisattva brilliantly stated this fact in the 20th century! When “the Son” Principle left the Zodiac circle with the help of the most advanced Spirit of Wisdom in order for Him to connect with the primeval image of today's Heavenly Sophia, the Heavenly Sophia then became the supersensible ladder for His descent towards the Archai, the Archangels, the Angels, but also towards the Bodhisattvas, who were gradually ascending towards the spiritual world.  In this way, Christ created from the Completeness of the Powers of the Father Principle, this duodecimal spiritual Being that is penetrated by the Holy Spirit and reflects the twelve aspects of the Cosmic Christ, the knowledge of Whom the Bodhisattvas have been spreading on Earth in the form of the all-embracing Universal Wisdom. Currently, the Zodiac circle is both the highest ideal and aim for the Heavenly Sophia, and she is striving to link up with it in the same way she has already temporarily done it once in the middle of the Old Sun aeon when the Word was descending towards the Earth. The final fulfillment of Heavenly Sophia’s goal towards becoming one with the Zodiac circle depends on the earthly man, and our own contribution towards this mission would repay our debt to Sophia, as without Her help the Word (Son) would not have become a human being and would not have turned our involution into evolution for the sake of our own salvation and for the sake of introducing a new principle inside the created Cosmos – the “Principle of Freedom and Love”. Nevertheless, repaying our debt to the Heavenly Sophia isn’t possible without an effort to understand the missions of the different Bodhisattvas – the ones who have been descending onto Earth in the past and those who are yet to come with their own tasks in the future. And in order to reach this level of understanding, we would use the ”instrument” of Anthroposophy, which, as Steiner put it, ”must follow the Bodhisattva for the Good of mankind”.

The Spiritual Science says that Gautama Buddha is the sixth of the twelve Bodhisattvas. We also know that rose to the rank of a ”Buddha”, and that Orpheus was his “predecessor”, but we almost know nothing about the four previous Bodhisattvas. Looking back in time, we would conclude that man's Soul organization changes constantly and that we may possibly discover the relevant answers only by taking into consideration the anthroposophical point of view because the external ”civilizational” events are mere reflections of what happens in the inner depths of our Self, our Soul and our bodies. One of the most suitable ways to become aware of the mystery of the Bodhisattvas’ missions, which have been continuously unfolding themselves during the different epochs of our evolution, is to compare them to the different periods in our own human life. To illustrate, after the physical conception, each one of us spends nine months inside the mother's womb. However, it is the activity of the Heavenly Sophia that is “mirrored” in the ability of any woman to conceive, carry a child and give birth to this child, who is then ready for an independent physical growth and development in all aspects of its being. Therefore, if we could determine the moment when the entire humankind was physically “conceived”, then we could possibly pinpoint the moment when the activity of the “Lodge of the Twelve” began, and respectively, when the first one of the Bodhisattvas started his own mission.

After mankind had received the body of the “Self” from the Elohim, the Self first entered our astral body towards the end of the Lemurian age in order to start transforming our astral body into a “Sentient Soul” with the help of both the human Soul and the crucial support from the Gods. The Sentient Soul, however, was immediately attacked by the Luciferic beings, and as a result of the attack, we started craving for “physical earthly impressions”. Had there been no temptation from the Luciferic beings back then, we would have seen the material world barely after the mid-Atlantean epoch, but only in a spiritual way though. Next, during the early stages of the Atlantean epoch, the Self gradually penetrated the human etheric body and initiated the transformation of the etheric body into an “Intellectual Soul”, which was later on targeted by the Ahrimanic spirits towards the middle of the Atlantean epoch, since it was the Intellectual Soul where man first felt the “sparkle” of the Self. - What Ahriman and his legions hate the most is the very human freedom that is the end result of the independent efforts of the human Self! The “unconscious” Original Sin from the Lemurian period became to some extent “conscious” in Atlantis, and this caused us to physically open our eyes for the sight “below our waist”, whereby we started using ”fig leaves” (clothing) in order to cover our nudity. Up until the mid-Atlantean period, we had been leading a “semi-spiritual” existence, but at that moment Ahriman initiated our “earthly conception” and, as a result, the Bodhisattvas began their work. – Therefore, the Mid-Atlantean period is the exact starting point in time when the Bodhisattvas became engaged in their activities and also when mankind’s development on Earth began. – This indeed is the starting point we have originally sought in order for us to make the necessary comparison between the missions of the Bodhisattvas and the respective stages of mankind’s earthly development!

Let’s continue by saying that the main goal of each of the twelve Bodhisattvas, after completing the respective cycle of earthly physical reincarnations, is to develop an “archetype” for a specific human capability (element), which after a certain period of time becomes a capability that is inherent to the whole of mankind. The earlier in time such a capability is developed as an “archetype” by the corresponding Bodhisattva, the later it would manifest itself in mankind, due to the fact that nowadays we shall first relive the ages that were closer to Golgotha and not the ones which ware furthest away from it, i.e. straight after Golgotha, the “age of Elijah” repeats itself first, then the age of Moses and only afterwards the age of Abraham. Maybe that is the reason why Steiner didn’t talk about the first several Bodhisattvas, who became Buddhas in the very distant past epochs, since they would ”reflect” upon mankind the “archetypes” they have individually developed not in our contemporary times, but only after thousands of years have passed. However, in the light of the above-mentioned clarifications, we would try to figure out to some extent the mission of the first Bodhisattva, so that we could grasp the “spiritual logic” behind the deeds of all the other subsequent members of the “Lodge of the Twelve”. 

Sometime between the 18th and the 21st day after conception, the human Soul starts working on the embryo’s physical body inside the mother’s womb. The embryo starts growing in a visible way and also starts developing its physical structure, but as we have already emphasized, to a large extent the process is mainly underpinned by the actions of the Heavenly Sophia, which “pours down” its spiritual forces inside the human embryo. This is how our physical body started being influenced by the hierarchies of the Heavenly Sophia from the mid-Atlantean epoch onwards, despite the fact that back then our physical body resembled a very flexible formation and was indeed very different from the current one we have. Based on the above-mentioned facts, it follows that the mid-Atlantean epoch corresponds to the “mankind’s embryonic stage of development”. Undoubtedly, the first Bodhisattva also took part in this physical formation process within the “embryo of mankind” by acting upon the human beings from outside of his own physical body. In this respect, it is worthwhile mentioning that when the body of the first Bodhisattva was going through the process of physical death, the Bodhisattva did not experience death in the same way as we experience it today because the nature of his life was almost entirely spiritual and was not connected with the physical body. Therefore, it follows that the individual capability (archetypal element) that the first Bodhisattva developed could be adopted only by such human beings who no longer use the common physical way of procreation and indeed live in an immortal “etheric-spiritual” state, just like the first Bodhisattva did himself. Such “new” human beings would be living during the Sixth Root Race on a continent that is now being formed in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. One may therefore ask: “What would be the respective archetypal capability (element) of the first Bodhisattva and how would it be “mirrored” upon mankind?” – Unfortunately, this is a question that only a true Christian Initiate could possibly answer!

Similarly to the first Bodhisattva, the second Bodhisattva also existed in an etheric-spiritual form, whereby he was again “soaring” outside of his own physical body, but nonetheless, his mission had to be fulfilled in a different surrounding environment. During the late Atlantean epoch, the Self penetrated the physical body and initiated the formation of the Consciousness Soul, the human beings became able to perceive their entire physical bodies, the first manifestations of the thought process appeared and the humans became individualized Soul beings who could finally refer to their own selves as an ”I”. Despite that, we continued being completely dependent on the Gods until the end of the Atlantean epoch in the very same way the child is dependent on the mother while it is still inside her womb. It is true that the Soul works on the formation of the child’s body inside the womb, and it is also true that the Self enters into action around the 21st day after conception, but the Soul and the Self do not become the main contributing factors towards the child’s development before it leaves the mother’s womb. – Always before birth, it is predominantly the Cosmic Intelligence that acts as a main formation factor within the life of the child. In the same way, through the forces of the Heavenly Sophia, but also through his own powers, the second Bodhisattva developed the archetype for the new unknown to us second capability (element),  which would probably be “mirrored” upon mankind during the 1st Cultural Age of the Sixth Root Race and would rather concentrate on the activities of the human Soul, while the archetypal capability of the first Bodhisattva, which should be reflected among people during the 2nd Cultural Age of the Sixth Root Race, would rather concentrate on the activities of the Self.

In conclusion, we could say that the activity of the first two Bodhisattvas from the middle of the Atlantean epoch until its very end was focused on the formation of our physical body and could be compared to the time that we spend inside our mother's womb. The mankind’s exodus from the foggy and sinking Atlantean continent was dramatic because it happened with “loud cries” of pain and in several stages, similarly to the way a child comes out of the darkness of the mother's womb – in stages, dramatically and with a loud cry before it can assume its own independent development in broad daylight and under the “heavenly rainbow” (God’s Covenant with Noah). The end of the Atlantean epoch marked the end of the Fourth Root Race with its seven sub-races – this was the time that was mainly dedicated to the development of our human physical body. Now, we live in the days of the Fifth Root Race and we are obliged to enter deeper into our bodies and to intensify the life of our Soul to such an extent as to receive the power of the Self that is the only force that is capable of turning us into the “10th Hierarchy of Freedom and Love”. - The power of the Self is such that it is even able to lead us along the path of our evolution all the way until the very end of Creation!

The superhuman avatar by the name of Manu led the most advanced human beings out of the sinking Atlantis, since they were the ones capable of developing the thought process. - Those people leaving Atlantis were meant to serve as the foundation of the new future mankind. The people following Manu reached the region, which is nowadays occupied by the Gobi desert, but back in the days was a fruitful area indeed. Following their arrival, the Atlanteans laid the foundations of the Ancient Indian Cultural Age. Two other different groups of Atlanteans, led by two different great adepts, populated vast territories inside Europe and Asia. Those two great adepts, who were Manu’s personal disciples and were initiated in the mysteries of the “Sun Oracle of Atlantis”, later on became known as Scythianos and Zarathustra. And while Zarathustra was more focused on Asia, the main task of Scythianos was to participate in the formation of such a Soul organization within the future European nations that would enable them to accept “the Word” (Christ as the Son) and understand His Sacrifice. The large-scale activity of the two adepts was completely in tune with the Lodge of the Twelve, and it was for a reason that Steiner referred to these two adepts as ”Bodhisattvas”. At this point in time, however, it would be quite difficult to tell what the mission of the “real” third Bodhisattva was after he succeeded his predecessor. Nevertheless, let’s try to shed some light on this question by using the same method of analogy that we have used so far. 

After leaving our mother’s womb and having our umbilical cord cut, we effectively lose our connection with the Heavenly Sophia and start developing our own physical body. Despite that, the physical bodies of the newborn child and its mother tend to resemble each other very much because the bond with the etheric body of the mother remains very strong until the child’s 7th year of age. In a similar fashion, mankind’s cultural development shifted its focus from the physical body during the Atlantean epoch towards the etheric body during the 1st Cultural Age of the post-Atlantean epoch. In this new age, the Wisdom of the seven Holy Rishis represented a complete repetition of the Atlantean knowledge and was being revealed in images and not in terms of concepts. If, for example, we could travel back in time and had verbally spoken to the people living in this distant age in the usual way as “dictated” to us by our current intellect, then these people wouldn’t have understood a single word of ours, since the life of the Self was yet to begin manifesting itself inside their own inner nature. Therefore, the great Atlantean Wisdom, which was flowing into mankind in varying forms throughout all the ages before the Golgotha events, could be eventually “dressed” into words and concepts, only after the Self had sufficiently penetrated our living being. During the 1st Cultural Age of the post-Atlantean epoch, no concepts whatsoever existed, and back then it wasn’t important what the spiritual teacher was saying, but what the quality of his Soul was and also the kind of spiritual images contained within it, so that these images could be then relayed to the Souls of the listeners. As a semi-cosmic being and the leading teacher-adept of mankind, the third Bodhisattva was still “soaring” high above his physical body, without descending onto Earth for a full physical incarnation and without completely experiencing the act of death. By being connected to his “host human body” inside the astral world only, the Bodhisattva was not able to utilize all the available strengths of the physical brain. Moreover, both the Intellectual Soul and Consciousness Soul of the third Bodhisattva were not yet developed. However, compared to all the other humans, he had a very advanced etheric body that allowed him to convey messages from the spiritual worlds, to initiate impulses for future human development and to become a forerunner of everything that the people were about to perceive through their astral bodies during the Second post-Atlantean Cultural Age. Therefore, during the Ancient Indian Cultural Age, once the third Bodhisattva rose to the rank of a ”Buddha”, he incorporated certain qualities into his etheric body, which transformed it into something similar to an astral body, and it was namely this “archetype of the astral body” that was about to become the main factor for the human cultural development during the next Ancient Persian Cultural Age. - Now, we would try to at least partially answer the question whether the archetypal astral body of the third Bodhisattva had manifested itself only during the Ancient Persian Cultural Age, or whether it would also manifest itself during a distant future epoch.

The etheric body is connected with the dimension of Time. In one of his lectures, Steiner said that during the 6th millennium BC mankind celebrated on Earth the “Great Cosmic New Year”. To explain the nature of this particular experience, he made an analogy between the life cycles of both the plants and the humans. - When we sleep at night, our Higher Nature, as represented by the Self and the astral body, leaves our inferior nature, which is denoted by our physical and the etheric body. At night, the physical body is asleep, while the etheric body is awake and different growth processes take place inside of it. During the day, on the other hand, exactly the opposite happens. - Our Higher Nature returns inside both the physical and the etheric body and being in a waking state, it starts ”devouring” our “sleeping” lower nature. Similarly, the plants are asleep during spring- and summertime, and this is the exact period when they physically grow, but remain truly awake only during the time between Christmas and Epiphany when the growth processes have stopped. Although the plants’ growth processes tend to gradually grind to a halt after the autumn equinox, the plants’ consciousness remains active by linking itself with the Earth’s “mineral kingdom consciousness”. From Anthroposophy we know that in springtime the Earth's Self and Soul leave the planetary body and travel to the stellar worlds (Upper Devachan) where, while being in a state of limited consciousness, they experience the secrets of the Universal Wisdom during the summer period on Earth. In autumn, the Earth's Self and Soul start making their way back, so that in the beginning of the winter they could once again merge with the planetary mineral kingdom. After the merger is completed, the Earth’s Self and Soul would consciously remember what they have experienced among the stars during the spring- and summertime. Then, when merging with the mineral kingdom, the plants would also become aware of these universal secrets that were brought down from the stellar worlds by the Earth’s Self and Soul, and then they will become able to contemplate on how, with regards to the Earth’s newly absorbed Cosmic Wisdom, they would grow during the spring and would consequently “decorate themselves” with new leaves and blossoms before they could finally give fruit and fulfill their purpose of existence. Therefore, in the very same way the plants' consciousness, which is governed by the respective “Group Selves”, bonds with the consciousness of the Earth’s mineral kingdom around New Years’ time, the consciousness of the human Soul also connected with the consciousness of our astral body in the 6th century BC in order to enable us to contemplate the vast Universal Wisdom! Precisely this Universal Wisdom was used by Zarathustra as well as by all the other Initiates up until the age of the Gnostics right before the Golgotha events had taken place. After the Turnaround of Times, the “last rays” of this Universal Wisdom disappeared completely. If the plants come ”face to face” with the Cosmic Wisdom once a year during the “Twelve Holy Days and Nights”, the Cosmic Consciousness that the humanity experienced in the 6th century BC, would be again experienced 12,000 years later. Steiner, however, didn’t mention the exact year of the original Cosmic Wisdom experience in the 6th century BC so that we can exactly identify mankind’s next such encounter with the Cosmic Wisdom. – Now then, could we ourselves possibly determine the exact year the human Soul experienced the Heavenly Sophia in the 6th century BC?   

For this purpose, we should take into consideration the inscription on Kanasubigi Omurtag's stone column in the old Bulgarian capital of Pliska. This inscription indicates that the year 5,505 BC is set as the beginning of the chronology of the most accurate calendar on Earth, which indeed is the proto-Bulgarian cyclical solar calendar. No specific starting date is being mentioned inside the above-mentioned inscription though. The two gentlemen by the names of Tanio Tanev and Angel Manev from the city of Stara Zagora were the only ones who decided to find out what the exact starting calendar date is by applying an interdisciplinary cross-referencing method, without which it would be unthinkable to approach this issue in a meaningful way and to unravel that immensely difficult but at the same time inspiring question regarding the ”Mystery of the Bulgarian people”. So, what was then ultimately discovered by these two men?

Astronomers know that the satellite planets rotate around the planets, the planets rotate around the Sun, and that it takes a total of about 26,000 years for the Sun, together with all the planets and their corresponding satellite planets, to complete one single rotation around the Zodiac circle whereby the Sun rotates around a twin star in the constellation of Pisces that is called by the name of ’’Revati” (Zeta-Piscium). From the master Sri Yukteswar, who was the guru of the famous Paramahansa Yogananda, we have learnt about another rotation within the boundaries of this main 26,000-year rotation that we just mentioned. This second rotation cycle has a duration of two periods of about 12,000 years each. The first 12,000-period is correlated with the spring equinox and the second such period is correlated with the autumn equinox. Both these smaller 12,000-year rotations are in close relationship with the center that the East calls ’’The Door to the Invisible”. - It is called in this way because “The Seat of Brahma” is located in there. When the autumn equinox enters the zodiac sign of Aries, the Sun is closest to ”The Door to the Invisible” and our mental and sensory abilities are at their peak for the purpose of understanding the secrets of the spiritual worlds. However, when in 12,000 years the autumn equinox enters the opposite zodiac sign of Libra, the mankind’s “fall” into the material world will be at its greatest, and consequently, our spiritual abilities shall weaken the most. Immediately after this deep fall into the material world, our spiritual abilities will start gaining strength before once again reaching their peak in another 12,000 years. The end of the 12,000-year period when mankind descends into matter and the beginning of the 12,000-year period when mankind ascends towards the spiritual worlds are both connected with the star by the name of Mesarthim (Gamma Arietis) from the zodiac sign of Aries. Both Tanev and Manev verified astrologically each day for the whole year of 5,505 BC by means of searching for the matching star constellation through which the first day of the proto-Bulgarian solar calendar could be successfully identified. Ultimately, they discovered this day, and this day was August 15! The position of the stars in this particular day was really impressive; all planets, together with the Sun, were above the horizon, five of them, including the Sun, were culminating in Virgo, Jupiter marked the reversing point in Time, while Lilith, with its stagnating powers, was indeed rising below the horizon. The exact moment when the Moon crossed the border between the “Revati” star in Pisces and joined the “Mesarthim” in Aries is the point when the “Change of Direction” happened. Moreover, Tanev and Manev even managed to successfully identify the exact time of this “Change” – 9:49:07 a.m. In a personal conversation with Manev, I understood that, according to him, this point in time signified not only mankind’s gradual adoption of a more materialistic mindset, but it also marked the moment when we started descending from the spiritual world down into the material universe. In other words, according to him, this was the Day of Creation, which, of course, the ancient proto-Bulgarians who created the calendar wouldn’t have agreed with! Despite their obviously wrong conclusions regarding the “human materialistic mindset” and the “Day of Creation”, Manev’s and Tanev’s contribution is indisputable and deserves admiration. Regarding the proto-Bulgarian calendar itself, let’s mention that it is very similar to the calendar from the ’’Book of Enoch”. Enoch received it from Archangel Uriel during the Atlantean epoch, but only after he was ’’taken to Heaven”. Whether Enoch is a symbol of the 5th Semitic sub-race, which was taken as the seed for the Fifth Root Race, whether he is the first or the second Atlantean Bodhisattva or whether his identity symbolizes something else, we cannot yet say, but more important here is the fact that Archangel Uriel is responsible for the substance of Intelligence on Saturn and influences memory, Time and chronology. Another interesting aspect of the proto-Bulgarian solar calendar is the use of the number 12 as its main time count unit. – The number 12 itself is derived from the duration for which the planet of Wisdom (Jupiter) completes a full rotation around the Sun. We may also add to this sequence of interesting facts the date of August 15, since during the Christian era it became the festival of Mary Sophia – the earthly representative of the Cosmic Intelligence.

Taking into consideration all the facts, we can boldly state that in the year 5,505 BC mankind experienced the Great Universal New Year on Earth, the third Bodhisattva became Buddha and experienced the Universal secrets of Wisdom, after which he “imprinted” them inside his etheric body, and later on the Bulgarians set this year as the first one in their calendar. As the nation responsible for the entire mankind’s evolution of the “Self”, the Bulgarians have always had a special relationship with the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas because its main task is exactly the same – to develop the human Self. Following this very same direction of developing the Self, what the third Bodhisattva cultivated inside his etheric body was then directly “mirrored” towards the astral bodies of men during the Second post-Atlantean Age, and as a result, the human experience inside the astral body became the main factor for our evolutionary development. If the previous Cultural Age was a small-scale repetition of the Polarian epoch when unity reigned, now the separation between both Good and evil came to the forefront as a “mirrored image” of the separation during the Hyperborean epoch between the Sun, symbolizing the “Good”, from the Moon and the Earth which symbolize the “evil”. Therefore, what the third Bodhisattva had developed did manifest itself indeed! Using the same method of analogy as a key to decode the ’’Bodhisattva Mystery’’, we’ve reached to the following observations and conclusions. - After the 7th year of age, the child discards the mother’s etheric body and starts forming its own etheric body, but the child is still dependent on the mother’s astral body. The dependence of the people living during the Second Cultural Age was very similar since they were feeling the influence of the etheric body of the third Bodhisattva which was actually affecting their astral body. Due to this influence, mankind experienced the transition from unity (number 1) to opposition (number 2) inside their astral bodies, and this transition manifested itself most vividly within the ancient spiritual master Zarathustra who was speaking about the Sun Spirit “Ormuzd” and the dark Moon Spirit “Angra Mainyu” (Ahriman). Zarathustra was the first man on Earth who was so affected by the transformation inside the etheric body of the third Bodhisattva that inside his own astral body Zarathustra was able to understand what had been experienced during the Universal New Year in 5,505 BC and he could also perceive the monumental knowledge of the spiritual worlds that the Holy Rishis had conveyed in an imaginative form during the previous cultural age. Zarathustra not only managed to perceive and understand this great Wisdom with his own mind, but he also started presenting it in verbal concepts and was teaching it to his disciples inside the Mystery Schools. Being the most prominent follower of the third Bodhisattva, Zarathustra set the example on how to recognize evil and became the bridge via which the third Bodhisattva’s influence reached all the way to the future 7th Post-Atlantean Cultural Age, when the third Bodhisattva’s archetypal capability (element) would manifest itself as the Power of recognizing the evil, but not through the etheric body acting as an astral body, but with the help of the Life-Spirit (the Budhi Principle) which will be descending towards the human etheric body. In this respect, we need to emphasize that the Budhi Principle is very closely connected with the Cosmic Christ and the Lodge of the Twelve. Next, in the year 6,495 AD (this exact year comes from the calculation that 5,505 years BC plus another 6,495 years equals exactly the above-mentioned 12,000-year cycle) we would again experience the “Universal New Year on Earth”, the Moon would start fusing into the Earth in order to become one with it, and the already formed ’’Human Race of the Good” should possess not only the virtue of recognizing the evil within the merging Moon, but also the Power to transform it into Good. The archetype of the Power to transform Evil into Good was demonstrated and set as a living example by the God-man Christ during His First and Second Golgotha, while the human archetypal equivalent of the Power to transform evil into Good was bound to later become one of the Twelve Bodhisattvas (the 7th one indeed).

The great tragedy of the Eastern teachings lurks behind the fact that they do not understand the Christ. If we stick to what Sri Yukteswar wrote, it would appear that in the year 6,495 AD we would be furthest away from ’’the Door to the Invisible” with our spiritual abilities at their weakest, and thus being completely unprepared for the return of the merging Moon. Could we then possibly establish an agreement between Sri Yukteswar’s and Steiner’s conclusions? - Yes, we can! The Earth’s fusion with the Moon would practically mean that the consciousness of the human ’’Self” would pass through the consciousness of our astral body and this very process would cause us to experience the event, called by Steiner ’’the Universal New Year on Earth”. This event would find us being furthest away from the ’’The Door to the Invisible”, but, on the other hand, we should have developed such a great “Power of the Self” that it would enable us to cope with this challenge, just like the Savior did on the Cross when He was furthest away from His Father! The return of the Moon would cause such a colossal unleashing of evil inside the astral bodies of those from the ’’Race of evil”, who would refuse to recognize Christ’s Power to transform evil into Good, that this wickedness would spark ’’The War of All against All”. This war would be a clear result of the maximum possible descent into materialism for the evil part of mankind. A period of ascent and spiritual progress on a brand new continent would follow the end of this War, and the next gradual 12,000-year ascent towards the ’’Seat of Brahma’’ will begin. – All this synthesized evidence demonstrates how the Eastern and the Western Wisdom could be united within the realm of Anthroposophy in order for us to better understand the ’’Bodhisattva Mystery”, since it is through the Bodhisattva that the Christ Will is now manifesting itself and would be also manifesting itself up until the very end of the physical existence of the planet Earth. - And now, let us continue with our journey!

As we have already pointed out, Scythianos was having a great deal of influence on the masses of people leaving the sinking Atlantis and heading towards the newly forming continent of Europe. Under his guidance, the Atlantean Initiates established three initiation centers with their locations creating something similar to an equilateral geographical triangle. The first initiation center, situated in the North and near today’s Russian city of Arkhangelsk and the White Sea, was dedicated to the development of the human intellect. That was the place where the famous “Trott Mysteries” would later emerge. The second one, which was created on the territory of today’s city of Santiago de Compostela, served for the development of mankind’s feelings. This Spanish city has become indirectly connected with the Mystery of the Grail thanks to the help of Saint Jacob. Also, the mystic ’’Camino de Santiago’’ pilgrims’ route, which starts from southern France and passes through the Pyrenees and northern Spain, ends at the city of Santiago de Compostela. Next, the third final initiation center was established near the Bulgarian city of Varna, at a place where nowadays the Aladzha Monastery is situated, and this center was dedicated to the development of the human will. - The Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno confirmed the past presence of Atlantean Initiates at the Aladzha Monastery. Aladzha Monastery itself is still a very mystic place that is being frequented by an etheric-spiritual being. The last time when it appeared to a certain group of people, it stated that ’’the time is coming’’. In this respect, a cleric serving at the monastery has excitedly shared that the “awakening of the Bulgarian nation” would materialize itself relatively soon.


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